Government of Yukon completes handover of cannabis retail sales to private sector

The Yukon’s cannabis licensees now operate all retail locations, online sales and delivery. As of today, the Yukon Liquor Corporation’s Cannabis Yukon website will no longer sell cannabis products to Yukoners, leaving cannabis e-commerce to private licensees.

In May 2022, the Government of Yukon introduced regulations that allow licensed cannabis retailers in the Yukon to sell and deliver legal cannabis products to Yukoners. This fulfilled the Government of Yukon’s commitment to support the Yukon’s private cannabis industry.

I am pleased to fulfill our commitment to transfer all cannabis retail, including online sales, to the Yukon’s private, licensed retailers. The Yukon’s cannabis industry continues to see year-over-year growth and I look forward to seeing the  industry continue to thrive, responsibly serve Yukoners and contribute to our territory’s economy.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • Cannabis Yukon opened in October 2018 and closes today. The website is being re-purposed to provide wholesale purchasing options to the Yukon’s licensed retailers.

  • There are currently six licensed cannabis retailers open in the Yukon, and one federally licensed producer. The list of retailers can be found here.

  • Since legalization, the Cannabis Yukon website has provided legal options for Yukoners living far from a retail store and information to help Yukoners make informed decisions about responsible consumption.

  • During the public engagement at legalization, 58 per cent of respondents agreed that online sales and home delivery of cannabis should be allowed.

Media contact 

Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

James Price
Communications, Yukon Liquor Corporation

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