The Government of Yukon congratulates Dawson City on its new waste diversion and recycling facility

On May 19, Dawson City unveiled its new waste diversion and recycling centre. The Government of Yukon applauds municipal officials and staff for their efforts in constructing the facility and their leadership in moving toward a greener community.

The new building on Rabbit Creek Road will accept both refundable and non-refundable recyclables. It also features two balers, a glass crusher that will turn glass products to sand, a conveyor system to help staff separate recycling streams and Dawson’s first ever underground water heat exchange system that capitalizes on subterranean water flowing through the dredge tailings.

Solar panels will provide power to the building, especially in the summer months when the City of Dawson experiences the largest amount of recycling volume. Excess power will be distributed to the grid.

Congratulations to the City of Dawson on their new recycling centre and for their leadership in the territory on their waste systems. This new facility allows Dawson to continue its strong recycling program and explore future innovations. Thank you to all of Dawson for leading in this area.

Minister of Community Services Richard Mostyn

This new facility is a result of many years of effort from past town councils, municipal staff, community partners, and the Yukon Government. Dawson can now envision a future where we can minimize the amount of waste going into an expensive landfill and maximize the recycling of valuable resources. Together with the first two “Rs” – reduction and reuse – the new waste diversion and recycling centre will help our community move towards a sustainable future.

Dawson City Mayor Bill Kendrick

Quick facts 
  • Dawson City worked with the Conservation Klondike Society and Yukon government to identify sites and operations for the new infrastructure.

  • During the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Association of Yukon Communities, Dawson was honored with a sustainability award recognizing its waste diversion centre.

  • Before the grand opening, Dawson residents were bringing their recyclables to a temporary facility at the baseball diamonds at the bottom of Dome Road.

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