The Government of Yukon launches new online permits for commercial morel mushroom harvesting

Permits to commercially harvest morel mushrooms are now available online. The new online system makes applying for and accessing permits quicker, easier and more flexible.

Harvesting morel mushrooms for commercial use entails large-scale collection for profit-driven distribution and sale while harvesting morel mushrooms for personal use typically involves gathering small quantities for individual consumption. A permit is not required to harvest morel mushrooms for personal use.

People are encouraged to log in and apply for a commercial permit using a MyYukon account. The permit is available in English and French and remains free of charge.

These permits are for designated harvesting areas on public land. Interactive online maps show which locations are available for harvesting. Maps are also available for download on

To apply for a permit in person, people can contact the Forest Management Branch office in Whitehorse or their local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections office.

Quick facts 
  • Permit applications for personal use fuel wood permits are also available online, provided in both English and French and offered free of charge.

  • A MyYukon account is required to log into these services. Information about getting a MyYukon account is at

  • Existing permits will remain valid until they expire.

  • The number of commercial morel mushroom harvesters in the Yukon each year fluctuates widely and is influenced by factors including the extent of wildfire burn areas in the previous year, how accessible these areas are and the situation in the rest of Canada. 

  • The Yukon morel harvest season typically peaks in June and July. This 2024 season is not expected to be busy as there are many harvesting opportunities in other regions of the country.

  • Permit holders can cut up to 11 cords (25 cubic metres) of fuel wood per year on public land for personal use. The Government of Yukon issues over 1,100 personal use fuel wood permits annually. 

  • The personal use fuel wood permit is now bilingual. The new online permits to commercially harvest morel mushrooms are launched as fully bilingual.

  • These online permits are part of a growing number of e-services the Government of Yukon offers through a MyYukon account, including campground reservations, commercial driving permits, energy rebates, student financial assistance, vehicle registration renewal and driver abstracts and commercial timber harvesting reporting.

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