Government of Yukon tables bill updating Public Service Act and Coroners Act

The Government of Yukon believes that the public service should be an inclusive space where all employees can achieve their full potential. To this end, the Government of Yukon is proposing amendments to the Public Service Act and the Coroners Act to remove the requirement for new employees and coroners to swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown.

The proposed changes to the Public Service Act will support the Yukon government’s efforts to be an inclusive employer and remove barriers from the hiring process. Amendments to the Coroners Act will remove the requirement for coroners as well, who are also members of the public service.

In place of the oath of allegiance, new employees would continue to swear an oath of office which consists of a commitment to serve Yukoners through their elected government and act ethically as an employee.

Although the Yukon and Ontario are the only jurisdictions that currently require new employees to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to the Crown, a general oath of office is a standard requirement for public servants in all Canadian provinces and territories.

We know that the oath of allegiance can be a barrier in our hiring process. With Bill 24, our government is supporting efforts to build a Yukon public service that is truly inclusive and diverse.

Minister of the Public Service Commission Sandy Silver

Quick facts 
  • Coroners are appointed from among members of the public service.

  • The proposed changes support the objectives of Breaking Trail Together, the Yukon government’s strategic plan to build a representative public service.

  • The proposed changes would not affect the requirement for Yukon Members of the Legislative Assembly to swear an oath of allegiance before assuming office.

  • Removing the oath of allegiance requirement does not change the responsibility of public servants to act ethically, keep information confidential, or serve the democratically elected government.

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Communications, Public Service Commission

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