Government of Yukon will fully fund the costs of continuous glucose monitors for all Yukoners

All Yukoners with type 1 diabetes will now have access to fully funded continuous glucose monitoring.

Glucose monitors can help individuals living with type 1 diabetes to monitor their glucose levels.

Yukon was the first jurisdiction in Canada to provide coverage for continuous glucose monitors to youth age 18 years and younger. Now, Yukon again leads the nation in providing continuous glucose monitors for all Yukoners with type 1 diabetes.

The Department of Health and Social Services has had ongoing conversations with industry that has enabled the Government Yukon to offer Yukoners a choice that best meets their needs. Yukoners can choose between a continuous glucose monitor or a flash glucose monitor.

We recognize the challenges Yukoners and families who live with type 1 diabetes face on a daily basis which is why we are expanding our funding to fully cover both flash and continuous glucose monitors. We thank and appreciate the local businesses who have come forward to support individuals with type 1 diabetes through the Yukon T1D Support Network.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

Quick facts 
  • Physicians will apply for coverage on behalf of their patients.

  • It is estimated that up to approximately 250 people in Yukon have type 1 diabetes.

  • To be eligible for the benefit, Yukoners with type 1 diabetes who meet the benefit criteria must register with the Chronic Disease and Disability Benefit program at 867-667-5092. People aged 65 or older can contact the Pharmacare program at 867-667-5403.

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Cabinet Communications

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