Governments of Yukon and Nova Scotia to work together to enhance training, recruitment, retention and labour mobility for Health Human Resources

Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai and Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston sign a letter of intent to support collaboration on Health Human Resources.

Health care workers are the backbone of our health care system, providing compassionate care for Yukoners to improve their health and well-being. The national shortage of health care workers requires a collaborative approach across jurisdictions to identify and implement solutions to address health care workforce needs.

Today, Premier Ranj Pillai and Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston signed a letter of intent to support collaboration between the two jurisdictions on Health Human Resources.

The Yukon and Nova Scotia governments will share best practices on the recruitment, retention and training of health care providers, including the credentialing and licensing of internationally educated health providers; potential models of care such as approaches for rural and remote communities; as well as other areas for collaboration.

Taking action on health human resources is a priority for our government and I look forward to advancing this government-to-government collaboration. I was pleased to meet with Premier Houston and look forward to learning more about the innovative steps Nova Scotia has taken to combat pressures felt in the health sector.

Premier Ranj Pillai

We are committed to investing in new ways to get more health care, faster to Nova Scotians across the province. I look forward to working with our partners in the Yukon as we combine our efforts, share our knowledge and ensure everyone has access to the care they deserve.

Premier Tim Houston

Our government’s goal is to provide high quality health care for all Yukoners. Collaborating with Nova Scotia marks a significant step towards addressing our health human resources challenges. Together, we will leverage experiences and best practices to enhance the recruitment, retention, and training of health care providers. Our work together is to help address both immediate needs as well as establish a strong and resilient health care workforce for future generations.

Minister of Health and Social Services Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • The Letter of Intent will remain in effect for two years from the signing date.

  • It is intended to set out areas for potential collaboration between Nova Scotia and the Yukon related to health human resources and guide work between the two jurisdictions.

  • Addressing the health human resources situation in the Yukon is a priority, and this Letter of Intent provides an opportunity for both jurisdictions to advance bilateral collaboration to support continued progress addressing this issue.

  • Nova Scotia has been gaining national recognition for leading initiatives that effectively tackle barriers and create new opportunities for health care recruitment and retention throughout the country.

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