Interim Electrical Rebate renewed

The Government of Yukon is renewing the Interim Electrical Rebate for 2019–20 and has adjusted the amount paid by one-third of a cent per kilowatt hour to address rising program costs. The adjustment begins June 1, 2019, and customers will see the change in their bills later that month. The rebate is applied to electric bills for residential customers and reduces the overall amount Yukoners pay each month for electricity in their homes.

The continuation of the Interim Electrical Rebate at a slightly reduced rate is one way that our government is working to ensure Yukon communities are sustainable while remaining fiscally responsible.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Development Corporation Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • The rebate began in 1998 as the Rate Stabilization Fund to offset rate increases caused by the closure of Faro Mine.

  • The rebate reduces the amount customers pay on the first 1,000 kilowatt hours each month. Residential customers can save up to $23.95 each month, or up to approximately $287.39 annually.

  • The fund has a $3.5 million budget annually.

  • As the population grows and electrical use per customer increases, costs for the program have been exceeding the $3.5M allocated each year.

  • Changes to the rebate will result in a rebate decrease of up to $2.66 each month.


Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Geoff Woodhouse
Yukon Development Corporation

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