New tourism banners by Yukon artists unveiled for National Tourism Week

Six new tourism banners unveiled to cap off National Tourism Week 2024

In recognition of National Tourism Week, the Government of Yukon unveiled a new series of tourism banners featuring the artwork of six Yukon artists.

Displayed outside Yukon visitor information centres, in communities, along roadways and at visitor attractions throughout the territory, the banners welcome visitors and showcase the talents of the territory’s established and emerging artists.

The featured artists are: Mary Caesar, Rebekah Miller, Ramon Joseph Santos, Dustin Sheldon, Heather Steinhagen and Sheelah Tolton. Their designs are based on three themes: Living History, Only in the Yukon and Out in the Wild.

The unveiling is a part of the Yukon’s annual celebration of National Tourism Week – April 15 to 19, an opportunity for tourism partners to come together to champion and promote the Yukon’s destinations, tourism businesses and workforce. 

The Yukon is home to incredible sights and experiences, and many exceptional artists who are inspired by them. The tourism banners initiative continues to be a dynamic way to celebrate that talent, as well as the natural beauty and rich culture and heritage that makes the Yukon such an attractive destination. During Tourism Week, we celebrate the territory’s wealth of creative energy and its contributions to our communities: from the artists who depict its magic, to the tourism operators and workforce whose passion defines our hospitality. 

Minister of Tourism and Culture John Streicker

Being a Yukon First Nations artist in today's landscape is to live in two worlds - one of living rhythmically with the world in spiritual communion echoing our ancestors' ways through the rivers, forests, and mountains; the other world is of resilience, reconciliation, and redemption. Our way of life impresses upon us the progress of generations - it provides our physical existence with purpose - as a canoe that carries our memories which reflect on the water who we are. Our culture is a guide like the leaves in a breeze, we only have to raise our heads to the winds and listen.

Yukon artist Dustin Sheldon

Quick facts 
  • The Department of Tourism and Culture oversees a call for and production of a set of banners by Yukon artists every two years. The popular program started in 2016.

  • A jury comprising representatives from the Yukon tourism and arts sectors chose the six designs from 26 submissions.

  • Postcards and stickers with the banner designs and artist info are available at Yukon Visitor Information Centres.

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