Premier Pillai participates in Council of the Federation meeting in Halifax

On November 5 and 6, Premier Ranj Pillai joined Canada’s Premiers in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a Council of the Federation meeting and Health Summit.

Premier Pillai raised the Government of Yukon’s perspectives and interests on common priorities including housing, infrastructure and health care. Premier Pillai also highlighted innovative work being undertaken in collaboration with Yukon First Nations and health system partners to advance Health and Wellness Yukon/Santé et mieux-être Yukon/ Shäw Kwä’a, the Yukon’s new health authority.

The Yukon government is committed to fostering collaboration with other provinces and territories to improve the wellbeing of northerners, strengthen communities and drive future growth.

Details of the meetings are included in the Council of the Federation communiqués.

These meetings provide an important opportunity to share the Yukon’s perspectives with counterparts across the country. Canada's provincial and territorial leaders are working together on vital issues like infrastructure, housing and health care. This platform plays a crucial role in promoting collaboration between different jurisdictions, facilitating stronger connections, and enhancing a collective understanding of shared priorities and differences. I look forward to our continued cooperation on these crucial issues and thank Premier Tim Houston for hosting us in Halifax.

Premier Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • The Council of the Federation comprises all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers. It enables Premiers to work collaboratively, form closer ties, foster constructive relationships among governments and show leadership on important issues that matter to Canadians.

  • This meeting marked the 20th anniversary of the Council of the Federation.

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