Premier Ranj Pillai attends the 80th anniversary commemoration of D-Day in France

Premier Ranj Pillai has issued the following statement:

“Today, I was grateful to participate in the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day in France. This visit holds profound significance as we honour the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for our freedom, including many Canadians and Yukoners.

“Exactly 80 years after 14,000 courageous Canadians stormed Juno Beach as part of the massive Allied forces operation, a special Canadian ceremony took place at Juno Beach, followed by an international ceremony on Omaha Beach. On behalf of Yukoners, I was honoured to be part of the Canadian delegation led by the Prime Minister to remember this pivotal moment in history.

“To support the Juno Beach Capital Campaign, which aims to preserve, expand and grow the reach of this Canadian landmark, the Yukon government is providing $25,000. This contribution will help ensure that future generations of Yukoners and Canadians can learn about and appreciate the sacrifices made on that fateful day.

“D-Day is recognized as the beginning of the end of the Second World War, ultimately leading to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi occupation the following year.

“Today’s ceremonies are a reminder of the courage and resilience of those who fought for our freedom and the lasting impact of their actions on the world.”


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