Statement from Minister McLean on the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence

Minister responsible for the Women and Gender Equity Directorate Jeanie McLean has issued the following statement:

“This year the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign began on November 25. This annual campaign, which takes place internationally, across Canada and in the Yukon illuminates the collective efforts of so many organizations and individuals to end gender-based violence. As Minister responsible for Women and Gender Equity, I am incredibly humbled and inspired by the work so many in the territory are doing in this area. I am grateful to those providing front-line services to victims of gender-based violence in our territory, including Queer Yukon, women and Indigenous women’s organizations, transition homes, first responders and medical staff. These organizations work tirelessly and offer a lifeline for women, girls and 2SLGBTQIA+ people seeking safety.

“For the first time in the Yukon, we are honoured to support the campaign by lighting the Jim Smith Building and the Taylor House in purple – the colour of the campaign. This is a small but visible gesture intended to support awareness of the 16 Day campaign in the Yukon and stand in solidarity with the many Yukon organizations working to end gender-based violence and symbolize our commitment to our related initiatives – such as the Yukon’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit+ People Strategy, the National Action Plan to end Gender-based Violence and the Yukon’s Sexualized Assault Response team.

“We are doing this work because of the stark reality we are facing. Gender-based violence remains one of the most prevalent human rights violations of our time. We must act now to change this.

“In Canada, an estimated one in four women will experience physical or sexualized violence in their lifetime. The rates of gender-based violence experienced by 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, particularly transgender, non-binary and Two-Spirit+ individuals are alarmingly high. These rates can be further negatively impacted by a variety of other identity factors – such as race and economic status. Black, Indigenous and transgender women of colour, experience a combination of transphobia, racism and misogyny and face some of the highest rates of gender-based violence in the world. The devastating impact of colonization cannot be underestimated when considering and addressing violence against Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirit+ people.

“Gender-based violence is far too common, has many forms and it isn’t always easy to recognize. We must learn to see it and name it in all its forms. It can be physical, emotional, financial, or sexualized and it includes behaviours like name-calling, stalking and harassment, control or coercion, threats and manipulation. 

“All forms of gender-based violence are unacceptable. We can all contribute to ending gender-based violence and creating a safer Yukon. I encourage everyone to visit End Violence Yukon for the full list of events that can give you the knowledge and skills to stand up to gender-based violence, keep yourself safe and support the victims.

“For those who may be experiencing gender-based violence, you are not alone. It is never your fault and there is help. Here are some Yukon-based resources:

Find out about the Sexualized Assault Response Team 

The Yukon's Sexualized Assault Response Team (SART) provides a safe and confidential network of services that focus on your needs and choices.

24-hour support is available at 1-844-967-7275

Women's Transition Home (

Kaushee’s Place – Women’s Transition Home

24-hour support line: 867-668-5733

“Resources — Dawson Women's Shelter

Dawson Women’s Shelter

24-hour support line: 867-993-5086

Find a women's shelter | Government of Yukon

Watson Lake Help and Hope for Families

24-hour support line: 867-536-7233

"Canadian Mental Health Association Yukon

Reach out support line: 1-844-533-3030

10 am to 2 am, seven days a week, and all holidays

Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre Women’s Advocate:

French services available on request – services en français sur demande


"Skookum Jim Friendship Centre Women’s Legal Advocate

"A full list of resources can be found on End Violence Yukon 

“If you have been the victim of gender-based violence, you can report it to the RCMP. Staff from Victim Services, Yukon Women’s Transition Home, Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre and many other service organizations can support you.”

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