Statement from Minister Streicker on Gindèhchik / Rampart House and Zheh Gwatsàl / LaPierre House

Minister John Streicker has issued the following statement:

“The Government of Yukon is committed to collaborative solutions for heritage management in the territory.

"Working together in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration ensures that the heritage resources of the territory are preserved and managed for the benefit and understanding of all. 

“This past July the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and the Government of Yukon signed an updated Historic Site Management Plan for the Gindèhchik / Rampart House and Zheh Gwatsàl / LaPierre House historic sites.

“Informed by extensive community engagement, the plan includes increased recognition of Gwich’in language and cultural history with an emphasis on building local capacity by employing Vuntut Gwitchin Citizens in its implementation. 

“I am proud to announce that in accordance with the objectives of that updated management plan, the Government of Yukon has proposed doubling the transfer payment agreement to the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation for these sites to $120,000.

“These extra funds will support the plan’s goals of a longer work season and larger work crew to carry out the important conservation and interpretation work being undertaken throughout the summer, as well as account for the rising costs of supplies and transport.

“Additionally, the Government of Yukon has committed $75,000 in the capital budget for each of the next three fiscal years to invest in these sites.

“The forecasted spending this year includes:

  • $24,200 for a feasibility study for the construction of a bridge to improve accessibility at Rampart House; and
  • $13,500 toward design of a permanent kitchen and dining facility in the Rampart House to better support the work crew as well as improve capacity for culture camps and other programming.

“Capital funding in future years will go towards constructing the camp kitchen at Rampart House, as well as extending the system of boardwalks and construction of a helicopter pad at LaPierre house to protect the site and improve access.

“Gindèhchik / Rampart House and Zheh Gwatsàl / LaPierre House are cherished and significant examples of the Yukon’s heritage and have been traditional harvesting and gathering sites for thousands of years.

“Thanks to the guidance of a knowledgeable and passionate heritage committee, and the invaluable input of Vuntut Gwitchin Elders and Citizens, the collective vision laid out in the plan continues to prioritize meaningful stewardship over the area, while honouring cultural revitalization, and empowering the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation to uphold and innovate within their heritage.“

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