Statement from Premier Pillai on the International Day of Sign Languages

Premier Ranj Pillai has issued the following statement:

“There are over 300 different sign languages around the world, which are collectively used by more than 70 million people. On September 23, we have an opportunity to support sign-language users and their linguistic identities.

“The International Day of Sign Languages is a part of the International Week of the Deaf, a global movement of deaf unity and concerted advocacy to raise awareness of the issues that deaf people face in their everyday lives.

“Communicating with our peers, especially those with different lived experiences, is an essential aspect of personal growth and the reinforcement of our sense of community.

“I encourage everyone to try your hand at learning sign language this week, for your own benefit, as well as to help break the communication barrier between yourself and the deaf community.”

Media contact 

Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

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