Update on community space pilot project at Jim Smith Building

The Government of Yukon wishes to thank all those who made the Jim Smith Building community space pilot project a success, including Yukon government staff and community members.

The pilot project ran from March 18 to May 17, 2024, and was part of the government’s efforts to decentralize essential support services in downtown Whitehorse, aimed to improve accessibility to safe spaces for all, especially vulnerable populations.

During the pilot project, Yukoners were able to access a range of essential services in the Jim Smith Building, including computer and internet access, printing, telephone, outreach services, warming areas, snacks and beverages, harm reduction supplies, period products and washroom facilities. The space also provided opportunities for community members to connect with peers.

The Government of Yukon will amalgamate statistics collected during the pilot project and conduct a thorough evaluation to assess the project’s impact and determine the next steps, ensuring that its approach remains responsive to the community's needs.

With the conclusion of the community space pilot project, individuals seeking similar services can still access services at several NGOs and community organizations in Whitehorse, as well as the recently reopened Whitehorse Public Library. An outreach worker will continue to be available at the library to assist with support and service connections.

The Government of Yukon is committed to continuing to work with its partners and stakeholders on initiatives like the Downtown Whitehorse Safety Response Action Plan to address the needs of the community. 

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Zachary Burke
Communications, Health and Social Services

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