Updated Public Utilities Act Regulation supports the Our Clean Future strategy

The Government of Yukon has approved amendments to the Rate Policy Directive to support utility-led demand-side management programs, renewable electricity planning and development, and provide direction that will minimize impacts on electricity rates during times of reduced renewable electricity availability.

This updated regulation provides clarity to the Yukon Utilities Board about how to consider costs incurred when Yukon’s public utilities participate in demand-side management programs and continue to plan and build new renewable electricity projects.

I am happy to support the implementation of the Our Clean Future strategy and deliver on our government’s commitment to provide regulatory direction on utility-led demand-side management initiatives. By also taking this opportunity to provide clarity to the Yukon Utilities Board on renewable electricity planning and project construction, we are able to further our objectives to increase renewable electricity generation in Yukon.

Minister Responsible for Yukon Development Corporation Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • Demand-side management includes actions, programs and measures intended to promote customer use of electricity that reduces electricity consumption and/or makes more efficient use of available electricity.

  • Government of Yukon made a commitment to provide direction to the Yukon Utilities Board with respect to utility-led demand-side management in 2020.

  • The amendment requires the Yukon Utilities Board (YUB) to allow the utilities to recover reasonable demand-side management costs through rates while considering duplication with existing Yukon government programs.

  • The amendment also provides direction on treatment for the existing Low Water Reserve Fund, and will help to smooth rates that may be impacted by gaps between forecast and actual available renewable electricity including hydro, solar and wind.

  • Direction to the YUB on costs related to renewable electricity planning and development is important to support future renewable electricity projects included in Yukon Energy’s Ten-Year Renewable Electricity Plan.

  • These amendments apply to both regulated utilities in Yukon.


Renee Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Damian Topps
Communications, Economic Development

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