What We Heard report published highlighting feedback on carbon rebate program design

The Government of Yukon has published a “What We Heard” report outlining feedback from  stakeholders regarding how funds generated by the Government of Canada's Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) can be reinvested into a carbon rebate program.

The OBPS, a component of the federal carbon pollution pricing system, was designed to lower emissions while maintaining the competitive edge of energy-intensive and trade-exposed industries.

The engagement process explored how the OBPS proceeds could be used to create a rebate program that helps large industrial facilities meet emissions targets set by the Yukon government. The engagement period took place from August 17 to October 3, 2022, and involved meetings and written submissions from nine stakeholders.

Stakeholders who participated in the engagement broadly agreed that:

  • Registered OBPS facilities should be able to access funds for projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • The Government of Yukon should evaluate projects primarily based on their ability to reduce emissions; and
  • The rebate program should cover projects located anywhere in the territory.

The Yukon government is considering this stakeholder feedback and exploring the development of an OBPS rebate program specifically tailored to the territory.

Creating a new rebate for operators subject to the federal Output-Based Pricing System gives us the opportunity to help large industrial facilities meet the Yukon’s emissions targets, and to re-invest the proceeds from the program back into our territory. The recommendations we received from stakeholders will play an important role in the development of this rebate, and we appreciate the feedback of everyone who participated in this process.

Minister of Finance Sandy Silver

Our government remains committed to building a strong, sustainable future for all Yukoners. By gathering input from the mining industry and stakeholders, we are better positioned to design a carbon rebate program that supports large industrial facilities across the Yukon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while remaining competitive. This benefits both industry and our efforts to mitigate climate change.

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • The Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) is designed to reduce pollution by putting a price on carbon emissions. It mainly impacts industries that use large amounts of energy and emit significant greenhouse gases.

  • Under the OBPS, industries are required to pay for emissions based on level of output. The system also includes measures to ensure that industries remain competitive internationally. This means that companies with efficient operations and lower emissions may receive credits or financial incentives.

  • The revenue generated from the OBPS will be reinvested in ways which will help reduce emissions.

  • The Yukon Government Carbon Price Rebate Act allows the Government of Yukon to create a program that uses proceeds from the federal OBPS to help large industrial facilities in the Yukon reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

  • There is currently one facility registered in the OBPS in the Yukon and others may join the program in future years.

  • The Government of Yukon anticipates that its rebate program will be introduced by winter 2024.

  • As with the government’s existing Yukon Government Carbon Price Rebate, any new program will continue to remain revenue-neutral over the long term.

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