Yukon Child Benefit maximum increases to $876 per child

The Government of Yukon is committed to making life more affordable for parents and families, now and in the long term. To help address inflation and the costs associated with raising children, the rate of the Yukon Child Benefit will increase by 6.8 per cent on July 1, 2023. Future annual increases will match the Whitehorse Consumer Price Index to ensure that the benefit keeps pace with the rising cost of living.

In 2023–24, the maximum amount will increase to $876 per child for the year, with most benefit recipients receiving $56 more than last year. Approximately 1,200 Yukon families receive the Yukon Child Benefit.

The Government of Yukon is also expanding access to the program to ensure that a stronger labour market does not exclude or penalize families receiving a higher household income due to wage increases caused by inflation.

Linking the Yukon Child Benefit to inflation offers families an increased level of predictability and stability, ensuring that the benefit matches the changing cost of living over time. This program was highlighted in Budget 2023-24 as one of the ways the Government of Yukon is making life more affordable for Yukoners.

I’m proud to lead a government that demonstrates every day that a strong economy and a strong social safety net go hand-in-hand. Programs like the Yukon Child Benefit make life a little easier for Yukon families. By linking the program to inflation, we are ensuring greater predictability and stability for the approximately 1,200 Yukon families who access the program, now and into the future.

Premier Ranj Pillai

With the cost-of-living crisis, it’s getting harder for folks to make ends meet, let alone save for the future. The increase of the Yukon Child Benefit will help a lot of families in the Yukon put food on the table, meet basic needs and ensure that their children have the best possible start in life. We are proud to make life a little easier for many Yukon families.

Kate White, Leader of the Yukon NDP

Quick facts 
  • The Yukon Child Benefit provides monthly payments to modest and low-income households who have children under 18.

  • The benefit goes down by a set percentage for families that make over $35,000 per year.

  • The Canada Revenue Agency administers the program on behalf of the Government of Yukon and determines who is eligible and how much they receive from information found in income tax returns.

  • The benefit amount is not taxed.

  • The maximum benefit per child is now tied to inflation, starting in the 2023–24 budget year.

  • The benefit will go to approximately 1,200 Yukon families.

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