Yukoners to benefit from efficient and reliable green energy

A thriving economy needs strategic investments in green infrastructure to improve the lives of citizens while limiting impacts on the local environment. Investing in innovative green infrastructure also helps create jobs and improve the quality of life of Northerners.

Member of Parliament for Yukon Larry Bagnell; Yukon Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for Yukon Energy Corporation and the Yukon Development Corporation Ranj Pillai; president and CEO of Yukon Energy Corporation Andrew Hall; and President, Director and CEO of Victoria Gold Corp John McConnell, today announced funding for two green infrastructure projects in Whitehorse and Mayo.

The first project will see the construction of a new battery energy storage system in the City of Whitehorse. Once completed, the new system will store the excess electricity generated by renewable sources during off-peak periods in order to meet demand during peak electrical loads. This new energy storage system will create a more reliable power supply and allow Yukon Energy Corporation to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Funding will also go towards the replacement of a 31-kilometre section of the Mayo-McQuesten transmission line with a new higher capacity line to support future growth in the region. In addition to improving the quality and reliability of service to residents of Mayo and Keno, the upgraded transmission line will promote sustainable development in Yukon by providing hydro-generated electricity to industrial customers such as Victoria Gold, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $39.2 million in these projects through the Green Infrastructure Stream (GIS) of the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan. The Government of Yukon and the Yukon Energy Corporation are contributing more than $19.8 million in funding toward these strategic projects. 

Investing in green infrastructure is an essential part of building liveable, modern communities. The new battery energy storage system and power line will allow the territory to more effectively manage its renewable energy resources while ensuring reliable services for residents in remote regions. This is an excellent example of what Yukoners can do when we work together at all levels of government to build stronger, more self-sustaining communities.

Member of Parliament for Yukon Larry Bagnell

The Government of Yukon is committed to ensuring Yukon communities and businesses have access to safe, reliable and affordable energy. The Mayo-McQuesten transmission line upgrade project will improve the reliability of service on the grid and provide clean, renewable hydro-generated electricity to existing customers and future industrial customers. The Battery Energy Storage System will help address peak loads on Yukon’s electrical grid and allow for the addition of new renewable sources of energy. We are proud to partner with the Government of Canada and Yukon Energy Corporation on these two important projects that support Yukon’s commitment to a cleaner energy future.

Deputy Premier Ranj Pillai

Replacing the transmission line between Mayo and McQuesten, and installing a grid-scale battery in Whitehorse are critical to Yukon Energy’s ability to build the sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity system Yukoners need today and the robust energy system the territory needs to support growth in the future. Receiving government support of these projects reduces the impact of these critical investments on ratepayers and helps support the adoption of new technologies to address the unique challenges of energy supply on Yukon’s isolated grid.

President and CEO, Yukon Energy Corporation Andrew Hall

Quick facts 
  • The Government of Canada is contributing up to $16.5 million towards the Yukon Grid Scale Battery Energy Storage System project. The Yukon Energy Corporation is contributing $8.5 million towards this project. 

  • The federal government is contributing over $22.7 million towards the Stewart-Keno Transmission Line Rehabilitation project. The Government of Yukon (Yukon Development Corporation) and the Yukon Energy Corporation are contributing over $11.2 million.

  • The transmission line between Mayo and McQuesten will be upgraded to support up to 138 kV.

  • Yukon Energy Corporation’s battery energy storage system comprises an 8 MW battery with the energy storage of 40 MWh.

  • Through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan, the Government of Canada is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years in public transit projects, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and Canada’s rural and northern communities.

    • $2 billion of this funding is supporting infrastructure projects that meet the unique needs of rural and northern communities like facilities to support food security, local access roads and enhanced broadband connectivity. In addition, $400 million is being delivered through the Arctic Energy Fund to advance energy security in the territories.
    • $26.9 billion of this funding is supporting green infrastructure projects, including $5 billion available for investment through the Canada Infrastructure Bank.
  • On June 27, 2019, the Government of Canada launched two new strategies: Canada’s Connectivity Strategy, which commits to connect all Canadians to high-speed internet, and Canada’s first Rural Economic Development Strategy, which will spur economic growth and create good, middle class jobs for rural Canadians across the country.

  • The Rural Economic Development Strategy leverages ongoing federal investments and provides a vision for the future, identifying practical steps to take in the short term, and serving as a foundation to guide further work.

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