Yukoners reminded to consult designated harvesting map for holiday tree cutting in Whitehorse

This is a joint news release between the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse.

The Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse would like to remind Yukoners to consult the designated harvesting map before cutting down a Christmas tree this year.

Yukoners can access the harvesting map and other important harvesting information on Yukon.ca/Christmas-trees. The map includes a “my location” tool to make sure Yukoners are cutting in the right area.

Make sure to cut only on vacant public land outside of municipal boundaries or within the designated areas in Whitehorse city limits. As a reminder, Fish Lake is not a designated harvesting area. There are many cutting locations, such as the area off Copper Haul road, the Haeckel Hill gravel pit or areas near Long Lake.

The Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse remind Yukoners to make sure that the chosen tree is the one they want and that it will fit atop or inside their vehicle before they begin cutting. Please do not leave tall stumps behind and remember to clean up all debris afterwards. Tall stumps and debris are a safety hazard.

Visit Yukon.ca/Christmas-trees to find helpful harvesting, safety and tree care tips.

For those seeking Christmas trees, please remember to cut your tree from designated areas. Take a few minutes to check the map and read our harvesting and safety tips on our website. Be safe and happy holidays!

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources John Streicker

Getting a Christmas tree is an annual tradition for so many Whitehorse families. Whether it’s big or small, short or tall, remember to pick your tree carefully. Choosing a tree that is the right size, and not leaving any large stumps, helps keep our forests healthy for everyone to enjoy this holiday tradition.

Mayor of City of Whitehorse Laura Cabott

Quick facts 
  • Yukoners can cut a tree on vacant public land outside of municipal boundaries or within specific areas within Whitehorse city limits.

  • The Fish Lake area is no longer a permitted cutting zone.

  • Yukoners do not need a permit or to pay a fee to cut a Christmas tree.

  • The best types of Christmas trees are young pine, spruce or sub-alpine fir trees.

  • Make sure to visit Yukon.ca/Christmas-trees to access maps and other important harvesting information.

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