Cut down a Christmas tree for your home

You can cut down up to 2 Christmas trees per household each year.

Cutting your Christmas tree

You do not need a permit or to pay a fee to cut your Christmas tree.

You can cut your tree on:

  • vacant public land; or
  • specific areas within Whitehorse city limits.

Do not trespass or cut your tree on:

  • private land;
  • First Nations Settlement Land; or
  • agricultural leases.

View an interactive map of Whitehorse cutting areas

Protect our forest resources

Make sure you have found the exact tree you want before cutting. Do not cut trees that:

  • are too large to use; or
  • show signs of wildlife nesting or use.

Caring for your tree

A well-watered tree can last for several weeks and does not lose its needles as fast.

  • Don’t put candles on or near your tree. Keep it well away from woodstoves and other sources of heat.
  • Check for worn light electrical cords. Use CSA-approved electrical decorations and cords. Always unplug at night.
  • LED lights produce less heat, which reduces the speed of the tree drying and lessens the risk of fire.

Recycle your tree

When you’re finished with your tree, recycle it. As part of the City of Whitehorse's curbside collection, the city picks up Christmas trees and turns them into mulch. Check the City of Whitehorse schedule for Christmas tree collection dates.