The Yukon’s identification cards are getting a fresh, new look

The new DL for the Yukon

The Government of Yukon will begin issuing new, upgraded driver’s licences and general identification cards after May 31, 2024. The new ID cards have been updated to align with the latest North American design standards. With these changes, the Yukon will have the most secure driver's licences and general identification cards available in Canada.

The new cards will:

  • be produced on laser-engraved polycarbonate, rather than laminated plastic, a feature that increases the long-term durability and security of the IDs;
  • include black and white cardholder photos, along with updated Yukon design elements; and
  • contain more than 10 unique security features.

Along with the new ID cards, other service delivery aspects will be updated. For the first time since 2002, annual driver’s licence fees will increase to $20, a rate comparable to the national average. The cost of general identification cards will remain the same.

Drivers do not need to renew their licence until it expires, which is typically on their birth date.

The new Yukon ID cards include an array of security features and updated design elements, all tailored to make fraudulent reproduction of Yukon IDs extremely difficult. With these new changes, the Yukon will have the most secure driver’s licences and general identification cards in Canada. Our government is proud to offer these state-of-the-art ID cards and I look forward to updating my own!

Minister of Highways and Public Works Nils Clarke

Quick facts 
  • In addition to updated security measures, new imagery is included as part of the updated ID cards. 

  • Yukon ID cards were last updated in 2010, while the fee structure was last updated in 2002.

  • Yukon ID cards can be renewed up to six months before they expire.

  • All ID cards will no longer be printed on site, which means Yukoners should allow four weeks for delivery.

  • In order to enhance security and efficiency, licences and general identification cards will now be printed by Veridos Identity Solutions, a secure printing vendor.

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Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Highways and Public Works

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