Pan for gold recreationally

Where can you pan for gold recreationally?

You can pan on public land that has not been:

  • withdrawn from prospecting or staking; and
  • staked by a prospector or miner.

Some of Yukon's tour operators offer gold panning to the public. This includes:

  • lessons;
  • tours; and
  • rentals.

Visit your local Visitor Information Centre for more information on tour operators and attractions in your area.

If you wish to pan independently, contact the nearest Mining Recorder's Office to ask where recreational gold panning is permitted.

Equipment you can use

  • A gold pan
  • A shovel

Use of any other equipment is not allowed.

If you find fossils, bones or historic objects

Historic and prehistoric objects are protected. Leave what you find undisturbed and contact the Cultural Services Branch to report your find. Phone 867-667-8589.