Report a spill

If you're in control of a substance at the time of a spill or cause a spill, you must report it as soon as possible. Anyone who becomes aware of a spill is encouraged to report it. Call the Yukon Spill Line at 867-667-7244. It's monitored 24/7.

When you call, have the following information ready:

  • Location and time of the spill
  • Circumstances leading up to the spill
  • An approximate volume of material spilled, such as a description of the spill area and where it may have travelled
  • Description of the material spilled
    • Sometimes you can identify the spill’s source from a labelled container but it’s more likely the source is unknown
    • Any information about the material is helpful, such as colour, smell and any other physical properties
  • Details of any action taken at the spill site, such as containment and confinement actions, or no action taken because of safety concerns
  • Description of the environment at the spill’s location, such as terrain, public health concerns, nearby bodies of water and natural habitat

When you call in, let the duty office know if you have other methods of information, such as photos or videos. 

Phone the Environmental Protection and Assessment Branch at 867-667-3227 for guidance in dealing with spills. The Government of Yukon has specially trained staff for spills reporting and direction in clean up.

If a spill has occurred and the responsible person cannot or will not take action, you can anonymously report a spill and we’ll follow up.

Clean up

If you're responsible for the spill, you're legally obligated to:

  • make efforts to notify the owner or person in charge of the spilled substance, and any members of the public that may be adversely affected by the spill;
  • take all reasonable measures to confine, repair and remedy the effects of the spill; and
  • remove the substance spilled to reduce the danger to human health and the environment.

Visit Treat and relocate contaminated material for more information on containing and remediating spilled substances.


For general inquiries regarding spills in the Yukon email or phone 867-667-5683 or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 3227.