Apply for additional maintenance on a rural road

The Rural Road Maintenance Program (RRMP) provides funding for road maintenance on eligible public, residential roads in Yukon. Members of the public can also request year-round maintenance for eligible roads.


Members of the public can apply for funding for road maintenance if the road:

  • is not maintained under Schedule 1 of the Highways Act;
  • is seasonally maintained under Schedule 1 and you are requesting year-round maintenance; or
  • allows emergency vehicles (RCMP, ambulances, and fire trucks), school buses and maintenance equipment to pass safely.

You must own a seasonal or permanent residence on the road.

Apply for funding for rural road maintenance

Applications must be submitted by a spokesperson who represents at least 75% of the road’s residents. These residents must also sign the application to indicate their agreement.

Applications we receive by September 1 of the year will be evaluated in the current year. Applications we receive after September 1 will be reviewed and evaluated in the following year.

  1. Review the program guidelines.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit the application by email:
  4. We will confirm receipt of your application within a week.
  5. You application will be reviewed and we will let you know whether it has been successful.