Find out how we report on labour market programs

  • Labour market expectations
  • Labour market program evaluations
  • Annual planning and reporting to the Government of Canada
  • Labour market information

  1. Labour market expectations

    The Government of Canada gives out $8 million per year to our labour-market programs. This means we are accountable to the federal government and Yukoners. Our funding decisions have to be evidence-based and subject to post-project evaluations.

    To show accountability, we:

    • regularly monitor and report on a project during its lifetime;
    • evaluate our programs and the projects we fund;
    • submit annual plans and reports to the Government of Canada; and
    • contribute to and share labour market information.

  2. Labour market program evaluations

    Program evaluations help identify what is successful and could be improved. Evaluations show a program’s impact and value to Yukoners.

    We engage an independent contractor to evaluate programs that we fund. We publish evaluation reports to:

    • show fiscal accountability;
    • provide a resource for stakeholders;
    • share promising practices; and
    • promote the practice of program evaluation.

    Published evaluations

    Evaluations planned or underway

    • Governance evaluation of the Labour Market Framework. We expect the completion of this document in December 2019.

  3. Annual planning and reporting to the Government of Canada

    We make annual plans and follow those plans with annual reports to the Government of Canada. This is to account for the funding we receive in our Canada-Yukon labour market transfer agreements.

  4. Labour market information

    Labour market information helps guide planning and decisions for:

    • employers;
    • workers;
    • job seekers;
    • students;
    • educators;
    • career practitioners;
    • advocacy groups; and
    • policymakers.

    To contribute to nation-wide labour market information, we collaborate with:

    • the federal government; and
    • other provinces and territories.

    We base our labour market information on statistics available through the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.

    Labour market information resources:



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