View Yukon elevation data

You can view elevation data on GeoYukon in the elevation layer under base maps. 

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 You can also use elevation web services or directly download data via FTP.

Digital elevation models

Digital elevation models are generated by computers to show the ground's elevation above sea level. They allow users to measure the height of the Earth's surface.

Digital elevation models include:

  • digital surface models (DSMs); or
  • digital terrain models (DTMs).

DSMs show the ground's elevation and include all features on the ground.

DTMs show the ground's elevation with features such as trees and buildings removed.

Digital elevation models available for Yukon

  • DSMs from stereo imagery
  • DTMs from Lidar data
  • Canadian Digital Elevation Model data from Natural Resources Canada
  • Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 from the United States Geological Survey

Lidar data

Lidar is a surveying technology that can create very detailed digital elevation models with extreme accuracy. The Government of Yukon typically collects orthophotos with Lidar data.

Orthophotos are aerial photos that have been corrected. In orthophotos, the distances are uniform and can be measured like a map.

Lidar data is available for all Yukon communities and highway corridors. It can be viewed and downloaded from the Yukon Lidar collection application.

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For questions about Government of Yukon elevation data, email