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Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan

We're investing $15 million over 3 years to support the tourism sector through our Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan. 

The travel and gathering restrictions required to keep Yukoners and Canadians safe during the pandemic have significantly impacted the Yukon’s visitor economy. 

The Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan will help guide the relief and recovery of the tourism sector in a way that is:

  • safe;
  • supported by residents;
  • attractive for visitors; and
  • economically viable. 

About the plan

For decades, tourism has been a strong and consistent economic engine for the territory. It is a significant source of employment in Yukon communities. With the large shut-down of travel, the pandemic has triggered a crisis in the tourism sector. 

We are committed to enabling the tourism sector to not only survive this unprecedented downturn, but to rebuild and strengthen for the future. 

The goal of this plan is to return to pre-COVID-19 levels of tourism employment and revenue in Yukon sooner and stronger than the 4 to 5 years Destination Canada estimates it will take the Canadian tourism sector to recover overall. 

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. This may mean that Yukon will need shift focus back and forth from recovery to relief over the coming months and years. We must ensure that Yukon is poised to take advantage of opportunities to again welcome visitors, when it is safe to do so.

Rainbow at Talus Lake, Tombstone Territorial Park; Credit: Robert Postma

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The Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan will help enable the sector to resume its role as a dynamic and leading contributor to Yukon's economy.
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Investing over 3 years

Initiatives in years 1 and 2 will help stabilize and build confidence in the sector. This period will take place over 2020–21 and 2021–22.

Enhanced marketing efforts in years 2 and 3 will position the sector for recovery. When the time is right, a major marketing initiative will help to:

  • restore traveller confidence; and 
  • secure Yukon as a top-of-mind destination.

We’ll continue working collaboratively to respond to the situation as it develops.

Themes and initiatives

This plan focuses on leveraging Yukon tourism strengths and opportunities and is driven by values, goals and actions in the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy.

The plan contains four 4 themes and 19 initiatives designed to provide relief to Yukon tourism businesses and prepare them for recovery.

1. Providing tourism sector leadership

Leading the tourism sector to recovery and recognizing that leadership.

Tourism recovery requires all stakeholders to work together, including:

  • community members;
  • government organizations;
  • non-profit organizations; and 
  • the destination management organization (Tourism Yukon). 

We must coordinate activities towards common objectives. 

Key initiatives in theme 1:

  • Engage the Yukon Tourism Advisory Board (YTAB).
  • Engage and communicating Yukon’s Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan with stakeholders.
  • Establish a strategic multi-department tourism committee within the Government of Yukon;
  • Create a one-window "concierge" service into the Government of Yukon funding programs for tourism businesses.
  • Complete the Sustainable Tourism Development Measurement Framework identified in the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy.
  • Enhance investments in tourism to achieve the goals of the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy.

2. Rebuilding confidence and capabilities for tourism

Ensuring that:

  • tourism remains a priority for the Government of Yukon, First Nations, communities, businesses and residents; and
  • we’re all ready to welcome back visitors.

Research across Canada shows that the pandemic has had a large impact on resident sentiment towards visitors. This is particularly true for destinations that rely on visitors from places that have been heavily affected by COVID-19. Yukon is 1 such destination. 

Key initiatives in theme 2:

  • Support industry adoption of standardized safe travel protocols for the protection of visitors and residents.
  • Implement resident perception of tourism research and monitoring.
  • Implement a resident and community support for tourism strategy.
  • Support recruitment, retention and training for labour in the tourism industry. 

3. Supporting the recovery of tourism industry operators

Ensuring that:

  • our tourism industry assets, accommodations and experiences remain viable and sustainable for recovery; and
  • experiences are developed and enhanced to reflect new, post-COVID-19 demand for tourism experiences.

Key initiatives in theme 3:

  • Invest in the provision of mentoring, advice and implementation funding to Yukon tourism businesses to prepare for recovery.
  • Enhance investment in marketing funding for individual tourism businesses and organizations.
  • Develop and implement relief programs that enable tourism operators to survive to recovery.
  • Conduct a review of financial programs, incentives and supports for tourism development.

4. Refining the brand and inspiring travellers to visit

Developing compelling brand messages and assets, and marketing and communication tools to inspire travellers to visit Yukon when the time is right.

Key initiatives in theme 4:

  • Invest in research to better understand changing consumer behaviour and new markets.
  • Enhance Yukon’s tourism brand and assets.
  • Enhance investments in a 3-year destination marketing strategy.
  • Enhance partnerships with key tourism stakeholders.
  • Invest in a place brand for Yukon as a whole.

Safety and values

We based this plan on industry feedback, data and the guiding principles of the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy.

The plan outlines targeted investments that prioritize: 

- safety; 
- economic viability; and 
- building sector resiliency for the future. 

We'll continue to engage with tourism businesses, non-profit organizations and other partners to refine these initiatives to ensure they respond to industry needs in the most effective and efficient way.

The recovery plan calls for a measured and balanced approach. Recovery must take into account the support and comfort level of Yukon residents. Maintaining a healthy tourism sector must be aligned with the health and safety of Yukoners.

The pandemic and its impacts continue to evolve locally, nationally and internationally. We must maintain a flexible approach to  how we implement the Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan taking into account the needs of industry, Yukoners, and other government supports over the coming months and years.

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