Water quality monitoring

  • Find water quality data
  • Yukon water quality standards
  • ​Water sampling techniques and protocols

  1. Find water quality data

    The Yukon Water Data Catalogue provides information on water quality sampling locations, periods of record and contact information for a variety of water networks.

    View the Water Data Catalogue

    Other direct sources of water quality data include:

    Water data networks

    Read a description of water data networks operated or co-operated by the Government of Yukon.

    Lake monitoring

    Learn about Yukon lakes monitored by the national LakePulse network in 2019 (a one-time sampling event).

    Explore the LakePulse portal to view Yukon lake data interactively.

    Long-term monitoring

    Data on the water quality of several major Yukon rivers is available through the Pacific-Yukon network and the Government of Canada Open Data Portal.

    Water licence data

    You can access monthly and annual reports required under water licences through the Yukon Water Board’s WATERLINE. Long-term records of water licence data may also be available. Email waterresources@yukon.ca to inquire.

    Baseline and research studies

    Learn more about our recent water quality monitoring projects in Fishing Branch River.

    Learn more about research on water in the Yukon in our project information sheets:

    Water quality


    Uranium and arsenic

    Baseline assessments

    Cumulative impacts

  2. Yukon water quality standards

    A variety of guidelines and regulatory-imposed standards are available to assess water quality data for protection of aquatic life or suitability of water to drink. Those commonly applied in the Yukon include:

  3. ​Water sampling techniques and protocols

    You need to use proper water quality sampling techniques to:

    • avoid sample contamination;
    • maintain sample integrity through proper preserving; and
    • sample from appropriate locations.

    Some water sampling guides