Apply for and report on funding for sport governing bodies

  1. About the grants
  2. Who can apply?
  3. Funding availability and eligible expenses
  4. How we assess funding applications
  5. How to apply
  6. How to report

  1. About the grants

    The Sport and Recreation Branch provides grants every year to qualified sport governing bodies in the Yukon.

    These grants should help organizations:

    • support the growth and development of the organization;
    • ensure quality sport development; and
    • prioritize the health and wellbeing of the organization.

    In your application:

    • choose clear objectives; and
    • present projects that are mindful of all stages of the long-term development (LTD) model.

    Available grants

    Sport Foundations grant funding

    The Government of Yukon's Sport and Recreation branch and Lotteries Yukon provides this annual grant. Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC) decides who receives this grant.

    Podium Pathway grant

    This is formerly known as YS4L or Yukon Sport for Life. The Sport and Recreation branch and Sport Canada fund this grant. It's intended to support enhanced sport participation in the "train-to-compete" and "train-to-win" stages of long-term development.

    Stages of long-term development


    Being aware of an activity (all ages).

    First involvement

    The first experience with an activity (all ages).

    Active Start

    This about mastering basic human movements and developing habits of physical activity. All genders: birth to approximately 6 years of age.


    This is about developing fundamental movement skills and enjoying being physically active. This is for children ages approximately 6 to 9 years old.

    Learn to Train

    This is about learning a wide range of foundation sport skills. This is for children from approximately 8 or 9 years old to the onset of adolescent growth spurt.

    Train to Train

    This stage provides the gateway for both the "podium pathway" and "active for life" stages. This is during the period of the adolescent growth spurt, around 11 to 16 years of age.

    Train to Compete

    This is generally for athletes in national development teams. These are outstanding athletes who have a serious chance of:

    • playing for their national squad, or
    • qualifying to go to world championships.

    Train to Win

    This is for athletes who have a realistic chance of:

    • placing in world championships or
    • bringing home medals.

    They're the best of the very best in their sport. Not everyone on a national team will fall into this category.

    For more information visit Sport for Life.

  2. Who can apply?

    This funding is for sport governing bodies in the Yukon. To qualify, an organization must:

    • be the single governing authority for the sport in the Yukon;
    • be the territorial member of an appropriate national organization recognized by Sport Canada or the Canadian Olympic Association;
    • have a volunteer leadership structure that is democratically elected by the membership at an annual general meeting;
    • be incorporated under Societies Act in the Yukon, have a constitution and bylaws and be in good standing;
    • prepare an annual financial statement and budget;
    • host an annual championship in the Yukon;
    • have plans and policies as identified in the grant application; and
    • generate significant funds through membership fees or fundraising activities.

    For more information about your organization’s designation a sport governing body in the Yukon, email, phone 867-667-5254 or toll-free at 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254.

  3. Funding availability and eligible expenses

    Funding availability

    Available funding amounts remain the same until March 2024. While funding amounts may vary year-to-year for each group, significant increases are unlikely. Keep this in mind when developing your funding application.

    Sport Foundations grant eligible expenses

    Administration and organizational development

    The funding supports the efficient operation and development of the sport governing body. Program funding areas may include:

    • staff wages (full-time or part-time);
    • registrations;
    • meeting expenses;
    • rent;
    • servicing of affiliates (newsletters, telephone, postage, office supplies);
    • office equipment;
    • secretarial services; and
    • other relevant administrative expenses.

    Athlete and participant development

    This funding supports the development and growth of the sport governing body membership and participants. Program funding areas include all costs associated with:

    • “see-it" or "try-it” days;
    • activities that increase inclusion and access to recreation for populations that face constraints to participation;
    • activities that focus on the "first involvement", "active start", "FUNdamentals", and "learn to train stages" of long-term development;
    • athlete clinics;
    • territorial championships in the Yukon (not travel);
    • regional competition (within the Yukon);
    • North America Indigenous Games (NAIG) training;
    • Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG) training;
    • sport schools and camps;
    • on the move and community training;
    • travel out of the Yukon;
    • Arctic Winter Games (AWG) training; and
    • Canada Games (CG) training;

    Leadership development

    This funding supports the development and growth of program leaders, board members, volunteers and administrators. Program funding includes all costs associated with:

    • coaching courses and clinics;
    • officiating courses and clinics;
    • board and staff development; and
    • program support.

    Special project and community development

    This funding assists your organization in undertaking special projects. This funding may also be used to host major competitions or championships in the Yukon.

    Facility operations and maintenance

    An organization may run programs and activities out of its own facility. This funding offsets the costs of the operation and maintenance of facilities. This category is not intended to support capital development projects.

    Podium Pathway grant

    Enhanced athlete development

    The project must:

    • be based upon Canadian Sport For Life long-term development model; and
    • enhance initiatives supported through sport foundations funding.

    Examples include:

    • special training programs or travel to specific competition;
    • fitness testing and evaluation;
    • use of specialized resources such as training experts, nutrition, mental training, and more; and
    • other activities and initiatives the sport identifies.

    Rural and Aboriginal participation

    Your application should identify initiatives that show collaboration between the sport governing body and:

    • communities; and
    • Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle (YASC).

    All initiatives must identify community involvement and contacts.

    This funding may be used towards the development of teams preparing for North American Indigenous Games.

    Coaching enhancement

    This grant must complement existing sport foundations funded activities. The grant can support a variety of coach enhancement initiatives including:

    • seminars;
    • special coach training; and
    • national coach certification program (NCCP) learning facilitator training or evaluator training.

    Coach Salary Subsidy

    This grant supports salaries for full-time or part-time higher level coaches. These must be coaches who, among other things, are:

    • coaching athletes;
    • mentoring and developing other coaches; and
    • delivering clinics.

    Coaches must be residents of the Yukon.

    The ultimate desire is to support full-time professional coaches. However, consideration will be given to the support of part-time coaches who are trying to become full-time coaches.

    The coach must be suitable for employment. The sport governing body or association must do screening and reference checks. The coach must be willing to provide an annual year-end summary report in the format provided.

    Funding covers salary assistance at a rate of $2 for every $1 provided by the sport. The maximum funding is $20,000.

    You must provide a copy of the employment contract or agreement.

  4. How we assess funding applications

    We use this criteria when assessing an application:

    • number of affiliated organizations which are active and members of the sport governing body;
    • number of individual members and participants in the sport governing body's events and programs;
    • number of certified coaches;
    • number of certified officials; and
    • scope and delivery of programs and initiatives in the following areas:
      • equity and accessibility;
      • code of conduct for coaches, athletes, officials, and other participants;
      • doping in sport;
      • under-represented groups, with particular attention to women, girls, trans and non-binary people and Aboriginal people in the Yukon, including responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action;
    • implementation of Safe Sport initiatives, including concussion and injury prevention and maltreatment in sport; and
    • other national initiatives and strategies.

  5. How to apply

    Application deadline

    The annual deadline is April 15.

    Steps to apply

    Applications are accepted only through the online application form. 

    Submit your application


    • Have each affiliate fill out the affiliate verification form. Include the completed affiliate form(s) in your application.
    • From your most recent annual general meeting:
      • minutes;
      • president’s report; and
      • staff reports.
    • Your previous year’s financial statements:
      • balance sheet;
      • income statement; and
      • year-to-date financials (if your current fiscal does not end March 31).
    • Copies of job descriptions and contracts if you have any paid staff or contractors.
    • Copies of your group's policies and protocols including:
      • equity, diversity and inclusion;
      • code of conduct;
      • concussions;
      • conflict of interest;
      • constitution and bylaws;
      • discipline;
      • prevention of maltreatment;
      • multi-year plan;
      • volunteer screening; and
      • anti-doping.
    • Copies of employment agreements and contracts of coaches if you're applying for coach salary subsidies.

    Supporting government priorities

    Your planned activities should support government priorities. Be prepared to answer the following questions: 

    • How is your organization working towards truth and reconciliation?
    • How is your organization working towards gender equity?
    • How is your organization delivering specific programs that are open to all genders?
    • How is your organization reducing barriers to participation for families with low incomes?
    • How does your organization support the participation of rural Yukoners?
    • Is your National Sport Organization providing any support or direction to your organization on safe sport?  If yes, provide details on what support or direction you are receiving.


    Include the following in your application form:

    • contact and demographic information for all board members and staff;
    • participation and membership numbers and demographics;
    • certification numbers and statuses of all coaches and officials;
    • details about items you're requesting funding for, including:
      • number of youth and adult participants;
      • total cost of item;
      • amount of funding requested for item; and
      • description and objective of item.

  6. How to report

    Reporting deadline

    • The annual deadline is April 15.
    • Submit your report through the online reporting form.
    • You have to report to receive further funding.

    Submit online

    Submit your report


    How to report

    To prepare and submit your report, you'll need:

    • a complete list of revenues and expenditures related to your grant-funded activities for the past year; and
    • a list of all grant-funded projects and activities completed over the past year, including number of participants and description.


    You received the coach salary subsidy as part of the Podium Pathway grant

    You're responsible for ensuring that each coach prepare a coach salary subsidy report. Submit their report online with your reporting. The coach salary subsidy report is available online.

    Need help with online reporting?

    Phone: 867-667-5254

    Toll-free: 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254



If you have questions about either the Sport Foundations grant (formerly known as YRAC) or Podium Pathway grant (formerly known as YS4L or Yukon Sport for Life) for sport governing bodies in the Yukon, email, phone 867-667-5254, or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254.