What we’re working on: summer 2019

By sdbergqu

So far this summer we’ve been planning out our projects for the coming months. This is a summary of the projects we are working on and projects we hope to tackle in the near future.


Digital information and services blog

The Government of Yukon digital information and services blog is where we share our stories around digital. We plan on moving the blog from public beta to Yukon.ca this fall.

Digital Standard

The Digital Standard is where we share all of our guidance and standards for digital service delivery. This summer we’ll survey users to inform improvements and we’ll work on a migration plan this winter.

Elections Yukon website

The Elections Yukon website is due for content and technical improvements. We’ll partner with their team to develop a new website over the summer.


Yukon.ca is the government’s main website. We’ve published 3,016 pages to Yukon.ca over the last couple of years. This includes:

  • 665 basic pages;
  • 11 campaign pages;
  • 66 campground directory pages;
  • 16 department pages;
  • 1,895 document pages (English);
  • 174 multistep pages;
  • 187 places records; and
  • 2 topics pages.

We’ve received over 2,500 feedback forms from citizens. This valuable user feedback helps us determine what adjustments we can make to the website to continue improving the user experience. As a result, we will continue to refine Yukon.ca content types and improve site functionality. We will also carry on migrating department and corporation content to improve citizens’ ability to search Yukon.ca for content.

We’re also developing a template to support migrating the remaining campaign or boutique websites.

Open data

The open data website is where we house the government’s public datasets. We launched the website in June. Over the summer we’ll improve the publishing process and continue to refine the site features.

We’ll also be preparing to add open information to this site in advance of new Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act requirements for proactive disclosure that will be coming this winter.


We’ve been meeting with department teams to plan our project schedule. Some of the details are still coming in, but we wanted to share what we know now. Projects include (listed alphabetically):

Class 1 minerals modernization

This service has been live since May 2017. We will be working on improving the service by enhancing the spatial features and streamline the back office system.

Energy Efficiency Rebate service

This service will allow Yukoners to apply for an energy efficiency rebate online and, if approved, find out about receiving their rebate. This fiscal year we expect to complete discovery work and plan out next steps.

Improve online access to all government services

We are looking at options to streamline the process for citizens to sign into the government’s online services. We hope to get an request for qualifications out this fall.

Land titles modernization

This will be a system to search land titles, send fees and register documents online.

Professional and Regulatory Licensing System

Users can apply for licences or view a list of licensed professionals in Yukon. This summer we will work on requirements gathering to inform a request for proposals. We’ll look at selecting a vendor later this year.

YuDriv system replacement

This is a 3 year (April 2018 to March 2021) initiative to replace the existing end-of-life systems with a single, integrated solution. We’re working to develop an internal licence plate look up service in November. There won’t be a public-facing web component until 2021.

YukonBids – eProcurement

This will be a new procurement system for the government. We expect to streamline the tendering process by providing users with better online tools.

Yukon driving mobile app

The public can use this app to learn about Yukon features and amenities. We expect this app to launch next summer.

Yukon Lobbyist Registry

The government is expected to pass the Yukon Lobbyists Registration Act in the new year. This service is where lobbyists will publish their activities and the public can see who is lobbying the government and on what topic. Discovery work is complete and development work will begin this fall.

Citizen engagement

We’ll be looking at transitioning to a new platform or using a new set of tools to continue to improve citizens’ abilities to participate in the government’s online engagements.

So far in 2019, the EngageYukon website has 14,689 page views and 11,018 unique page views.

Top 10 most active engagements

  1. Motor Vehicles Act (5,718 page views)
  2. Offroad vehicles (1,290 page views)
  3. Smoke free places (989 page views)
  4. Taking the pulse: A health and wellness conversation (931 page views)
  5. Measuring what matters: Creating profile wellbeing (816 page views)
  6. Single use bags surcharge (635 page views)
  7. Creative and cultural industries strategy (438 page views)
  8. Yukon University legislation (438 page views)
  9. Whitehorse and Southern Lakes Forest resources (298 page views)
  10. Carbon Price Rebate (188 page views)

Top 10 downloads

  • Regulating off-road vehicles proposal questions (148 downloads)
  • Comprehensive review of Health and Social Services: Scope of the comprehensive review (terms of reference) (72 downloads)
  • Smoke-free Places Act (50 downloads)
  • What we heard: Yukon’s approach to cannabis legalization (24 downloads)
  • Yukon ATIPP: What we heard (15 downloads)
  • 2017 cannabis public engagement survey report (15 downloads)
  • Taking the pulse: A health and wellness conversation (14 downloads)
  • Public engagement on the carbon rebate: What we heard (11 downloads)
  • Yukon Financial Advisory Panel final report 2017 (9 downloads)
  • Yukon’s proposed framework for legalized cannabis (9 downloads)


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