Motor Vehicles Act

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It ran from 2019-04-02 to 2019-05-31.

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Where can I find results? 

Download the What We Heard report

This report outlines what we heard during our public engagement and what issues matter most to you. Notes from our meetings with First Nations, municipalities, stakeholders, and members of the public have all been incorporated. In just 60 days, we heard from more than 2,800 respondents. This feedback has proved to be invaluable for the Yukon government and will help shape new legislation that gives communities and enforcement officers the tools they need to make our roads safer for all users.

What was this engagement about? 

We are developing a new Motor Vehicles Act in order to improve traffic safety laws in Yukon. Since we will be replacing the existing Act with a brand new piece of legislation, we will be reviewing a wide range of traffic safety issues that affect all Yukoners, including:

  • Driver licensing
  • Fees and fines
  • Territorial rules around impaired driving
  • Road user safety
  • Vehicle safety and condition
  • Enforcement technology
  • Off-road vehicles (ORV) and snowmobiles
How will my input make a difference? 

Your feedback will help us understand Yukoners’ views on a number of existing and proposed traffic safety laws, and any other issues you are concerned about related to traffic safety. This input will inform the development of a new Motor Vehicles Act and will help us identify any issues we haven’t yet considered. The Government of Yukon is also seeking feedback from road user groups, municipalities and local advisory councils, First Nations governments, and other organizations that are involved in enforcing and advocating for traffic safety laws in Yukon.

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