Get training or find employment

Employment and Training Services (ETS) provides support to people who are experiencing barriers to employment. It includes a variety of assessments, pre-employment supports and employment-related training and learning opportunities. The program will match you with employment or training that suits your goals, skills and interests.

How to apply

To get started, phone the Employment and Training Services office: 867-667-8760. The physical office is located at 102-211 Hawkins Street in Whitehorse.

Who can apply?

This program is open to Yukoners who are:

  • legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • over 16; and
  • not in the public school system.

Who can benefit?

ETS works with participants who:

  • need accommodation for known or declared barriers to employment;
  • need exploration to determine the nature or existence of a barriers to employment;
  • have health issues, including mental health, which impedes their labour market participation;
  • have low vocational or foundational skills;
  • struggle with social or cultural exclusion;
  • lack stable housing; or
  • lack transportation and daycare.

What is the program goal?

The program will match you with training or employment opportunities in all Yukon communities and within the Yukon government. The program assists you in developing and enhancing new skills and learning opportunities, while also meeting the workforce needs of the employer.

Who offers the program?

Employment Training Services (ETS) facilitates the program. ETS works with different employers who are open to offering supported employment and training opportunities.

What skills can you learn?

You can learn to:

  • develop a resume;
  • search for a job;
  • prepare for interviews; and
  • maintain a job.

Supports include but are not limited to:

  • employment assessments;
  • referrals for professional assessments;
  • goal setting and planning;
  • enhanced case management supports;
  • employment counselling;
  • on-the-job outreach;
  • employment placement supports;
  • education assistance and funding;
  • training assistance and funding;
  • referrals to other services in Yukon; and
  • wage-subsidy incentives.

If you have questions, contact the office in your region.


Phone: 867-667-8760


Phone: 867-821-2920


Phone: 867-863-5800

Dawson City

Phone: 867-993-7890


Phone: 867-994-2749

Haines Junction, Destruction Bay, Burwash Landing and Beaver Creek

Phone: 867-634-2203

Mayo and Elsa

Phone: 867-996-2283

Old Crow

Phone: 867-966-7890

Pelly Crossing

Phone: 867-863-5800

Ross River

Phone: 867-969-3200


Phone: 867-390-2588

Watson Lake

Phone: 867-536-2232