Travel to Yukon communities guidelines: COVID-19

Follow these guidelines if you're thinking about travelling to Yukon communities.

The Council of Yukon First Nations posts travel advisories. Click on the area of the Yukon you're planning to visit to see if there's a travel advisory for that traditional territory.

If there's no travel advisory 

If a First Nations government or community has not issued an advisory, travel responsibly and protect yourself.

If you travel to the Yukon's communities, make sure you:

  • follow any travel advisories issued by First Nations governments, municipalities or communities;
  • travel responsibly and respectfully; and
  • follow the Safe 6.

Be respectful of community members’ requests when you enter a community or a business.

When we refer to "communities", this does not include Whitehorse. 

What you can do

  • Try to bring all the supplies you'll need for the duration of your travel.
  • You may shop in local stores and buy food in restaurants if they're open for business.
  • Use boat launches in and around Yukon in a respectful way.
  • Do not linger outside shops or in communities if you do not have a purpose.


If you have questions to do with the pandemic situation in Yukon, phone the COVID-19 InfoLine 1-877-374-0425.