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December 2, 2020

We're in Phase 3 of our COVID-19 Path Forward plan. Watch the latest video update. For medical questions or if you feel ill, phone 811, or launch the COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

Read our self-isolation rules for everyone entering Yukon.

What is contact tracing?

When someone is tested positive for COVID-19 in Yukon, we work with them to help them remember everyone they had close contact with during the time they could spread the virus. These people are known as the contacts.

Contact tracing is the next step. Contact tracing is done by Yukon Communicable Disease Control (YCDC) and by Yukon Community Nursing.

They get in touch with the contacts to let them know they may have been exposed to COVID-19. YCDC and Yukon Community Nursing will provide contacts with:

  • information, education and support resources; and
  • specific direction on what to do now, including what signs or symptoms to watch for and how to access timely testing, if required.

Contacts will not be given the name of the person who may have exposed them.

If the person is outside Yukon, we get information from the jurisdiction where they live about where they went in Yukon and follow up with those contacts..

We do contact tracing in response to every infectious disease, not just COVID-19.

When would you be contacted?

Someone from Yukon Communicable Disease Control (YCDC) will phone you if:

  • you’re a contact; or
  • someone with COVID-19 was in your business for longer than 15 minutes.

If we contact you

We will tell you which steps to take to avoid spreading the virus. These could include:

  • self-isolating;
  • keeping 2 metres from others until 14 days after you were exposed;
  • checking your temperature; or
  • monitoring yourself for COVID-19 symptoms, even mild ones.

The directions we give you will be based on your specific circumstances. We look at things such as:

  • where and how long you were exposed;
  • your physical health; and
  • where you live or work.

Be on alert for scams related to contact tracing. Only YCDC or Community Nursing will contact you.

If you are a contact and you develop any symptoms

Contact YCDC, even if symptoms are mild:
Phone: 867-667-8323
Phone toll free: 1-800-661-0408 ext. 8323

When we cannot trace contacts

We may not be able to trace all contacts because:

  • we have details about where an infected person was, but not enough information to know who they were in close contact with; or
  • we are uncertain about the exactly where an infected person was.

In these cases we will issue a public notice and identify the locations that were visited, or may have been visited, by the person infected with COVID-19.

When we will not identify a location

If we know that spacing and sanitation protocols are being followed, so there was no opportunity for public exposure. This could be in a location such as a store, hotel, restaurant or campground.

What is a cluster?

A COVID-19 cluster means there’s a group of people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. Each person in this group (or cluster) can link their disease exposure to someone else in this cluster. We can link this group's illness to a period of time and a place. A cluster does not need be a specific number of cases.

If you were on a flight with someone who has COVID-19

The Government of Canada has a list that shows flights, cruise ships and trains where there was a possibility of COVID-19 exposure.

Airlines provide us with information about Yukoners who were on flights where there was a risk of COVID-19 exposure. Yukoners who were on those flights and may be at risk will be contacted. If we contact you, we’ll provide you with instructions about what to do.