Learn about the Whitehorse Correctional Centre

The Whitehorse Correctional Centre (WCC) balances the safety of:

  • the public; and
  • the staff.

The correctional centre provides inmates with rehabilitation and healing.

WCC is a multi-level correctional facility for adults from across Yukon. It opened in March 2012 and is a “Generation Three” style facility.

This style of supervision:

  • enhances safety; and,
  • allows correctional officers to be "agents of change" by working directly with inmates.

Safety and design features

  • Leed Silver standard
  • 3 storeys
  • 73,195-square-feet
  • 4 living units for men
  • 1 living unit for women
  • 1 segregation living unit for men
  • 1 secure living unit for men
  • 1 segregation or secure living unit for women (this is located in the women's living unit)
  • 1 fresh-air yard for each unit
  • 1 gym in each living unit; exercise equipment is available in each secure living unit
  • 1 healing room
  • 1 room for programming and training in each living unit
  • 1 multi-purpose room that can be used for programming
  • 1 outdoor healing and recreation space
  • WCC can accommodate 193 inmates

Safety and supervision features

The design allows staff to manage inmates at varying security levels. The compact design:

  • allows for efficient response times;
  • allows the staff to move easily between and within units;
  • gives inmates from each living unit access to:
    • programs;
    • services;
    • meals;
    • the fresh air yard; and
    • the gyms.
  • minimizes movement within the centre;
  • minimizes contact between incompatible inmates; and
  • let inmates sleep in individual or two-person cells, which are clustered in self-contained living units.

The safety and design features permit direct supervision on each unit, which:

  • allows for a correctional officer to be present on each of the living units;
  • promotes continuous monitoring; and
  • allows for ongoing communication with the inmates.

Over 400 cameras connected to a central control system provide visual monitoring of all areas.

In-house facilities

Video remand, medical and dental facilities reduce the need to transport inmates to the community for court or health services. 


The correctional centre is located at 25 University Drive in Whitehorse. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except for statutory holidays. If you have questions about the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, phone 867-455-2900, or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408 ext. 2900.