Government announces $1 million increase to tourism cooperative marketing fund

To help address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Yukon’s tourism sector, the Government of Yukon has announced a one-time $1 million increase to its Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund (TCMF), bringing the total available funding to $1.7 million for the 2020–21 fiscal year. 

The scope of eligible applicants and eligible activities has also been broadened so that more Yukon tourism experience and service providers can promote themselves locally, within Canada and internationally when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and travel resumes.

To make it easier for Yukon businesses to receive support for their tourism marketing efforts, the funding enhancement will see the Government of Yukon contribute 100 per cent of the costs of approved marketing activities in 2020–21.

Revised guidelines and application forms will be available beginning May 1, 2020 at Activities in approved applications will be eligible retroactive to April 1, 2020.

Yukon tourism operators know that part of recovery will involve adapting marketing initiatives locally, domestically and internationally when the time is right. The increased funding and expanded eligibility will allow for greater promotional opportunities from a wider cross-section of our tourism sector, and help facilitate a strong resurgence.

Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

Quick facts 
  • Established in 2003, the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund typically makes $700,000 available to assist businesses and organizations with the promotion and marketing of Yukon tourism experiences and services to prospective visitors from outside the territory.

  • The fund is currently available to market and trade-ready tourism businesses (businesses that understand how to administer sales policies direct to consumers and through third party distribution channels), municipalities, destination marketing organizations and First Nations governments featuring tourism experiences.

  • The funding framework typically uses a 50/50 cost share program, meaning that applicants must contribute 50 per cent of the costs of the project or activity. To assist businesses in this difficult time, the requirement for applicants to contribute 50 per cent has been dropped as a one-time measure for the 2020–21 fiscal year.

  • The broadened scope of eligible projects and activities will enable businesses to also promote their services and experiences in Yukon. Previously, the fund focused on supporting businesses to promote themselves to visitors who had not yet arrived in the territory.

  • The TCMF funds approximately 200 projects and activities each year.

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