Joint statement from Premier Pillai and Minister Richard Mostyn on Labour Day

Premier Ranj Pillai and Minister responsible for Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board Richard Mostyn have issued the following joint statement:

“Each year, on Labour Day, we celebrate the backbone of our territory and country – workers.

“We celebrate labour activists, union members and leaders, and all those who have fought and continue to fight for workers’ rights. We honour their successes and we take the opportunity to acknowledge how much more is left to do.

“Over the past year, the Government of Yukon has continuously demonstrated its commitment to addressing the inequalities still felt by workers across the territory.

“The Yukon became the first jurisdiction in Canada to provide government-funded paid sick leave earlier this year. This is an investment in Yukon workers and employers, to help keep Yukoners healthy and to ensure that all Yukoners have the opportunity to participate in the workforce should they choose to do so. The government also increased minimum wage in April 2023 and the Yukon continues to have the highest minimum wage of any province or territory across the country.

“This year, the government has focused on tangible steps to recruit professionals to serve Yukoners where they need it most – in the territory’s hospitals and schools. Since February 2023, we have filled over 215 education professional positions, and created many more to support our students. We have introduced the Health Human Resources Steering Committee to help address our health-related challenges, including the recruitment and retention of health care workers. In July, we signed a two-year deal with Nova Scotia, supporting collaboration between our two jurisdictions to address the Health Human Resource challenges.

“Although we have made many improvements, we are aware that we still have much to do across the territory to support our workforce. We will continue to prioritize the immediate needs of workers, as well as work to create and support a sustainable economic future to better serve all Yukoners.

“On behalf of the Government of Yukon, we wish everyone a safe and happy Labour Day.”

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Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

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