Explore map data using GeoYukon

GeoYukon is an interactive mapping application. It contains the Government of Yukon's authoritative and current map data.

You can use GeoYukon to explore, print and download map data. This data is provided as a free public service. 

View GeoYukon

You can view common collections of map data in GeoYukon:

How to get more help on GeoYukon?

Learn how to use GeoYukon and follow basic workflows in the User Manual.

Basic workflows include:

  • Print a map of my hunting area
  • Find my property and view land use zoning
  • Create a map of my mining claim
  • Measure distance to the nearest creek on my property
  • Calculate the area of my proposed development
  • Download a digital air photo of my property
  • Plan my hiking route with an elevation profile

View a video tutorial for more information.



For questions about GeoYukon, email [email protected].