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Government of Yukon

Commemorating Yukon 125

On June 13, 2023, we commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Yukon becoming a territory of Canada.

As we mark this milestone, we are looking to our past as well as to our future. This is a time to look back on the long history of this land and think about the territory we want to build for our children.

The public service is planning several initiatives to commemorate this important date.

Yukon 125 Prize recipients announced


The Kluane Compositions

Inspired by Kluane landscapes and Indigenous culture, a hybrid, three-movement music composition featuring Southern Tutchone Indigenous, MOR and classical music styles is to be created. A grand piano will be helicoptered into Kluane National Park to be featured in the compositions' 10-minute music video.

Lead: Matthew Lien

Team members: Diyet van Lieshout, Katherine McCallum, Kirsti Wallace, Melvin Lagersson

Facebook – Matthew Lien Music 

Instagram – @matthew_lien_music 

Youtube – Matthew Lien Music 


It’s Weird Up Here: A celebration of small achievements

Through archival deep-dives, micro-film hunts, museum visits and interviews with seasoned Yukoners, stories will be shared that may not have made front-page news, but should have. Think of the project as a yearbook Frankensteined together with a Pierre Berton anthology.

Lead: Tedd Tucker and Amy Kenny

Team member: Rae Mombourquette

Instagram – @weirduphere 

Facebook – It’s Weird Up Here 


Yukon Alpine Climbing – First Ascent

A climbing team will attempt to perform the first ascent of an alpine rock route "Radelet Arete" in southern Yukon.  If successful, a safe, high-quality alpine rock climb will be established for Yukoners and visitors to enjoy.

Lead: John Serjeantson

Team members: Zach Clanton and Rob Cohen

Instagram – @j.serj 

Youtube – John Serjeantson 

Yukon 125 prize winners standing with minister of tourism and culture
The Yukon 125 Prize recipients with the Minister of Tourism and Culture, John Streicker

Nominate a deserving Yukoner for a 125th anniversary medal

We’re awarding medals to Yukoners to commemorate the territory’s 125th anniversary. The Yukon became a territory of Canada on June 13, 1898.

The medals feature original artwork by Violet Gatensby.

The government will give medals to Yukoners who:

  • show the values of leadership and reconciliation; and
  •  have shaped the territory for the better.

Recipients do not currently need to live in the territory, but their contribution must have positively affected the Yukon.

This will include people from all walks of life and a variety of sectors, such as:

  • the public service;
  • NGOs;
  • business; and
  • arts community members.

How to nominate someone

To nominate a Yukoner, complete this form and submit to [email protected] by March 11, 2024.

Yukon 125 Prize advances to Stage 2

The 125 Prize is a special one-time fund of $250,000 to mark the Yukon’s 125th Anniversary.

This fall, the 125 Prize is moving forward with a shortlist of 10 contestants. They have created video proposals to introduce their extraordinary Yukon-based projects.

There will be 3 to 5 finalists who will receive up to $125,000 to cement their legacy in Yukon history with their bold and unique projects.

Check out the Yukon 125 Prize videos now.

Celebrate with Yukon 125 funding

Yukon 125 Fund 

The Yukon 125 Fund commemorates the anniversary of the Yukon becoming a territory, and honour the Yukon's communities, heritage and culture. 

Applicants are eligible for up to $7,500, and projects must take place between June 1 and October 31, 2023.

Learn more about the fund.

Special sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly

On June 13, the Government of Yukon commemorated the 125th anniversary of the Yukon becoming a territory of Canada by holding a special sitting of the legislature in Dawson.

Members of the legislative assembly met at the territory’s historic capital to mark this important milestone. The sitting was hosted at the Old Territorial Administration Building, 595 Fifth Avenue, Dawson City, Yukon. 

Coverage of Proceedings were broadcast on local radio and online

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