Learn about construction zone safety

What to do when driving in a construction zone

Did you know?

To navigate through a highway construction zone safely, you must:

  • remain focused;
  • proceed with caution; and
  • pay close attention to the traffic around you.

Reduce speed

Pay attention to speed limit signs. Slow down even more when passing in close proximity to workers and equipment on the road.

Obey traffic controls

Follow all directions given by:

  • signs;
  • signals;
  • pilot vehicles; and
  • traffic control personnel.

Be aware

Expect changes and use caution when driving through a construction zone.

Stay alert

Be prepared to react to any possible danger. Monitor the traffic and workers around your vehicle.

Give space

Allow extra space between your vehicle and potential obstacles, such as:

  • trucks and other vehicles;
  • barriers;
  • workers; and
  • construction equipment.

Avoid distractions

Driving in construction zones requires your full attention.

Do not stop or pass

Unless directed by traffic controls, there's no stopping or passing in a construction zone.

Remember: reducing speed around construction zones is critical. You'll need more time to process and respond to the information around you.


Email road.safety@yukon.ca or phone 867-667-8835, toll free in the Yukon at 1-800-661-0408, extension 8835 if you have questions about construction zone safety.