Apply for a carbon rebate for placer-mining operations

The Government of Yukon administers rebates to producing placer-mining operations.

The rebate is for 100% of carbon levies paid for production under a class 4 placer mining land use approval.

Yukon placer-mining operations will continue to be eligible for the pre-2023 mining rebate for fuel purchased in 2022.

The application deadline is September 30, 2023.

After January 1, 2023 there is a new rebate for mining businesses.

Read the Yukon Government Carbon Price Rebate Act.

Non-producing operations

Non-producing placer-mining operations are eligible to apply for the general business carbon rebate. Companies involved in exploration projects are also eligible for the general business rebate.

Rebate payments

Direct deposit

Rebates can be issued via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

  • Sign up for direct deposit payments from the Government of Yukon.

Rebates qualify as income

If you claim the federal carbon levy as a business expense, you need to report the rebate amount as income on your tax return.

Application period

Your application for the previous calendar year will be accepted from January 1 to September 30.


Your application and all supporting documents must be received by the Department of Finance on or before September 30.

Applications will not be returned

Make sure you keep originals or copies of sensitive information.

Late applications

Your application will be denied if it is received after September 30. This includes all supporting documents.

If you do not meet the September 30 deadline to apply for the mining carbon rebate, you can apply for the general business carbon rebate on your tax return.  The Canada Revenue Agency administers this rebate for Yukon Government.

Carbon rebate bulletins

We provide tax bulletins as an aid to understanding the Yukon Government Carbon Price Rebate Act. The legislation will prevail if there is any conflict in the wording of the documents.


We will only process applications from eligible placer-mining operations.

To be eligible, you must:

  • hold a valid class 4 placer mining land use approval; and
  • submit evidence of all receipts for fuel purchases where the federal carbon levy applied.

You will only receive a rebate on fuel that was:

  • purchased in the previous calendar year;
  • purchased from a fuel vendor in the Yukon; and
  • used exclusively for operations on producing placer mines.


Yukon corporate registry

Applicants must be a registered business in the Yukon.

If your business is not in good standing with Corporate Affairs, you may not be able to receive payment.

Federal business number

If your business has a federal business number, you must provide this on you application.

Fuel tax exemption permits

Your business does not need a Yukon fuel tax exemption permit to apply for the carbon rebate.

Class 4 placer mining land use approval

You must have a valid class 4 placer mining land use approval in your own name.

  • If your name is not on the approval, then you'll need to provide additional documentation. This could include a copy of a lease agreement, a Declaration of operation agreement, or both.
  • Only 1 individual or business will receive the rebate under each class 4 placer mining land use approval.

When to submit a Declaration of Operation Agreement

You must submit a Declaration of operation agreement if:

  • more than 1 party is named on the class 4 placer mining land use approval;
  • the name of the applicant is not on the class 4 placer mining land use approval; or
  • the name of the applicant does not match the name on the lease agreement.

If more than 1 party is named on the class 4 placer mining land use approval, each party must provide a separate agreement.


You must submit evidence of all receipts for fuel purchases where the federal carbon levy applied.

We’ll accept originals or copies of eligible receipts. We will not return receipts.

All receipts must clearly show:

  • date of purchase;
  • location of purchase;
  • volume of fuel purchased;
  • type of fuel purchased;
  • purchaser of the fuel; and
  • total cost of the fuel.

Eligible receipts include:

  • Point of sale (POS) receipts;
  • card lock statements; and
  • paid invoices to fuel distributors.

Card lock receipts

If you purchased fuel through a card lock, it must be documented in a card lock statement.

Receipts in another name

If a fuel invoice or receipt is not in the applicant's name, we will require supporting documentation. This must show the business connection between the purchaser and the applicant.

Valid documentation includes:

  • a signed lease agreement; or
  • a signed operating agreement.

Meter tickets will not be accepted

Meter tickets are not eligible as they do not include invoice numbers.

Detailed listing of receipts (optional)

In addition to your receipts, you can submit a detailed listing in the following formats:

  • Excel file (.xlsx or .xls);
  • comma-separated values file (.csv); or a
  • printed document.

If you create a detailed listing of receipts, use this title:

  • "Carbon rebate application (year)"

Before you apply

Complete the application form

Gather your supporting documentation, including:

Submit your application


  • Include "Carbon Rebate Application (Placer/year)" in the subject field of the email.

In person: Inquiry and cash desk, 2071 Second Avenue, Whitehorse. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Find our location on a map.

Mail: Government of Yukon

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