Find out about driving impaired consequences

If you lose your driver's licence for an impaired driving offence

You can’t legally drive until your licence is reinstated.

Types of suspensions

24-hour roadside suspension

If a peace officer thinks that you have consumed substances that impair your driving, they will:

  • suspend your licence for 24 hours; and
  • impound your vehicle.

Substances can include:

  • alcohol; or
  • drugs.

90-day roadside suspension

Your licence will be suspended for 90 days, and your vehicle will be impounded for a minimum of 30 days if you:

  • operate a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration of over .08;
  • refuse a lawful demand for a breath or blood sample; or
  • drive while your licence is suspended, disqualified or prohibited.

What if you're in the graduated driver licensing (GDL) program?

There are additional consequences if you violate the zero tolerance for alcohol or drug condition. These include:

  • a meeting with the registrar;
  • a referral to the Driver Control Board; and
  • the requirement to restart whatever phase of the GDL you're in.

Criminal code convictions

Criminal offences become Criminal Code convictions if police lay charges that are prosecuted in the court system. Judges determine consequences if you are convicted. These can include:

  • jail time;
  • fines;
  • driving disqualifications and/or restrictions; or
  • a referral to the Driver Control Board.

You must complete a remedial driving program for all driving-related Criminal Code convictions. Even those not related to:

  • drugs; or
  • alcohol.

Driving off-road vehicles

It's against the law to drive an off-road vehicle when impaired by alcohol or drugs. If convicted, the driver will have a criminal record and may be required to pay a fine. Drivers convicted will face the same consequences as those operating a regular vehicle while impaired.

Disqualification lengths

If you have more than 1 driving offence, your disqualification will be longer.

Offence within 5 years and territorial disqualification length

  • 1st offence: 1 year
  • 2nd offence: 3 years
  • 3rd offence: indefinite

If you have questions, email or phone 867-667-5623, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408 extension 5623.