Diverse and inclusive workplace

Development opportunities for Indigenous people

If you are an Indigenous person, we will provide you with training and professional development opportunities that will help you find employment and further your career within the Yukon public service.

Recruitment and development of Indigenous people

We support the hire and advancement of Indigenous people by helping you to overcome barriers to employment and to build your capacity to compete for government jobs. This is done by providing you with relevant training and work experience.

Temporary assignments between First Nation and Yukon governments

We provide opportunities for Yukon First Nation government employees and our Government of Yukon employees to gain valuable work experience and expand their skill base by taking on temporary assignment jobs between our governments.

The Indigenous employees' forum

We designed the Indigenous employees' forum to help Indigenous employees transition into working for the Government of Yukon. It provides members the opportunity to network, learn and grow personally and professionally, access a cultural support system and build relationships with Indigenous role models. It is open to all Indigenous (First Nation, Inuit and Metis) employees

Indigenous employee awards of honour

Each year we recognize the accomplishments of our Indigenous employees who provide outstanding service or contributions to the Government of Yukon, fellow employees or to the Yukon public.

Supports for people with disabilities

If you have a disability, our training and work experience program will help you secure employment in the public service. We also offer accommodation solutions and support for existing employees and their supervisors and co-workers.

Accommodation solutions and support

We provide expertise and support to employees, supervisors and departments in their development of ongoing, process-related accommodation solutions.

Training and work experience programs

We create training and work experience placements in a variety of job categories within the Government of Yukon.

The corporate document destruction centre also provides employment opportunities by helping to increase the representation of people with disabilities with the Government of Yukon and to further our commitment to employment equity. The centre provides a secure way for us to divert sensitive and non-sensitive documents into the recycling stream.

American Sign Language interpretation

An accredited American Sign Language interpreter is available to our Deaf employees so they can take part in workplace activities like staff meetings, assessments, evaluations, and training. We believe that communication is vital to an individual's growth and enjoyment in the workplace.

Our commitment to a representative workplace

Through our representative public service plan we are committed to:

  • increasing the representation of Indigenous people within the public service in different occupations and pay levels;
  • strengthening relationships between Yukon and First Nation governments; and
  • making the Government of Yukon a desirable place for Indigenous people to work.

Our annual dashboard report provides detailed statistics on Indigenous representation within the Yukon public service.  

Our employment equity policy affirms equal access for women, indigenous people and people with disabilities to government jobs.


For questions about the programs and supports we offer, email diversity.services@yukon.ca.