How the government addresses conflict and disrespectful behaviour

The government uses a collaborative approach to support our employees who are dealing with conflict and disrespectful behaviour in their workplace.

Our approach to resolving workplace conflict

We use a collaborative approach to resolve workplace conflict which allows all parties to discuss what is important to them, their needs, expectations and priorities in a safe, confidential environment.

This collaborative approach includes a variety of conflict management services that we offer our employees.

  • Employee orientation, training and education to promote awareness and increase conflict management skills.
  • Conflict coaching.
  • Mediation and facilitated conversations.
  • Work group conflict assessment.
  • Group facilitation and circle processes.

Who can access these services?

Support is available to all Government of Yukon employees who are experiencing a workplace conflict or disrespectful behaviour or who wish to prevent or manage work related conflicts. It is offered to individuals and groups.

The services are offered in a confidential manner by professionally trained and qualified staff who are impartial to the situation.

For more information see the respectful workplace policy.


For questions about how the government addresses conflict and disrespectful behaviour, email or phone: 867-667-3536.