Find a designated privacy officer

Designated privacy officers

A designated privacy officer (DPO) is a statutory officer created by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP). The head of a public body chooses the DPO. They respond to reports of suspected privacy breaches.

You should contact a DPO if you:

  • have questions about the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information;
  • suspect your or someone else’s personal information was breached; or
  • have any general questions about privacy within a department, corporation or directorate.

DPOs are appointed to their role by the head of the public body. Ministerial public bodies include Government of Yukon departments, corporations and directorates.

Department of Community Services

Designated privacy officer

David Burke, manager of Information and Management Technology


Department of Economic Development

Designated privacy officer

Phyllis Copeland, records officer and ATIPP coordinator


Department of Education

Designated privacy officer

David McInnes, director of Technology and Student Information


Department of Energy, Mines and Resources

Designated privacy officer

Danielle Falkiner, designated privacy officer


Department of Environment

Designated privacy officer

Mike Laluk, director of Client, Business and Technology Services


Department of Finance

Designated privacy officer

Linda Klippert, manager of Information Management


Department of Health and Social Services

Designated privacy officer

Jennifer Szakszon, manager of Access and Information Management


Department of Highways and Public Works

Designated privacy officer

Caitlin Moorcroft, manager of Information Management


Department of Justice

Designated privacy officer

Amy Porteous, legal counsel


Department of Tourism and Culture

Designated privacy officer

Kate Olynyk, director of Corporate Services


Executive Council Office

Designated privacy officer

Samantha Allen, records, information and privacy officer


Public Service Commission

Designated privacy officer

Michelle Swim, lead of Records Management and ATIPP


Women and Gender Equality Directorate

Designated privacy officer

Hillary Aitken, director of the Women's Directorate


Worker's Compensation Health and Safety Board

Designated privacy officer

Kathleen Avery, general counsel and corporate secretary


Yukon Housing Corporation

Designated privacy officer

Dave Comchi, director of Information Management and Technology


Yukon Liquor Corporation

Designated privacy officer

Luzelle Nagel, director of Finance and Information Management


Yukon Lottery Commission

Designated privacy officer

Matt Ordish, general manager


DPOs for statutory bodies are appointed to their role by the public body’s head, as prescribed in the ATIPP Act Regulation. Other public bodies include boards, committees and others.  

Bid Challenge Committee, Financial Administration Act

Designated privacy officer

Betty Monahan, procurement advisor


Driver Control Board, Motor Vehicles Act

Designated privacy officer

George Harvey, director of Information, Technology and Client Solutions


Teacher Certification Board, Education Act

Designated privacy officer

David McInnes, director of Technology and Student Information


Yukon Arts Centre Corporation, Arts Centre Act

Designated privacy officer

Casey Prescott, chief executive officer


DPOs for non-statutory bodies are appointed to their role by the public body’s head, as prescribed in the ATIPP Act Regulations. Other public bodies include boards, committees and others.  

Yukon Energy Corporation

Designated privacy officer

Megan Yakiwchuk, corporate secretary




Contact the ATIPP Office.

Information and Privacy Commissioner

If you are not satisfied with how a DPO handled your complaint, contact the Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner.