Make a request to correct your personal information


You have the right to request a correction by a public body when an error or omission in your information has been made. You have this right under section 35 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP).

What is an error or omission?

An error means the information does not reflect the true state of affairs because it's:

  • incorrect; or
  • mistaken.

An omission is information that's:

  • incomplete or missing; or
  • has been overlooked or left out.

Verification of correct information

If you make a request to correct personal information, you may need to provide the public body with adequate proof using factual information to support your request.

If you do not provide information, or the public body cannot confirm it as fact, the public body may refuse your request.

Examples of factual information include:

  • a birth certificate to prove age; or
  • a notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency to prove income.

Submit a personal information correction request

To request a correction to your personal information, submit your request to the designated privacy officer of the public body that holds it.

Find designated privacy officer contact information.

Responding to a correction request

An authorized employee will:

  • evaluate your request;
  • review the information you provide; and
  • make a decision to complete the changes you requested or refuse your request.

You'll receive a notification from the public body with details of their decision.

If your request is refused, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.