ATIPP office restricting public office access, responding to requests electronically

Due to health advisories about the COVID-19 pandemic, public access to the ATIPP office is restricted. This may impact ATIPP Act-legislated time frames. We’ll respond to new/existing ATIPP requests electronically as soon as we can. Please limit non-urgent requests and contact us with questions.

Submit an ATIPP request

Yukon's Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) ensures that everyone has a right to:

  • access information; and
  • have their privacy protected.

If you want to ask for government information that isn't available publicly, we call this an ATIPP request.

Informal and formal requests

We can respond to some requests for information without you having to submit a formal ATIPP request. If you'd like to submit an informal request, or would like more information about the process, contact the ATIPP Office for advice.

What types of information can I request?

There are 2 types of requests you can make as an individual under the ATIPP Act:

  • program;
  • or personal.

Program requests include any information about government:

  • programs;
  • projects; and
  • operations.

Personal information requests include any information about you that the government holds.

Find out more about making a request for personal health information.

What information cannot be released under an ATIPP request?

Information that cannot be released under an ATIPP request includes:

  • 3rd party personal information;
  • 3rd party business information;
  • Cabinet documents less than 15 years old;
  • information that may cause a risk to public safety or government operations; and
  • other types of information covered under the ATIPP Act’s mandatory and discretionary exceptions provisions.

Online requests

Submit an ATIPP request

Other ways to submit an ATIPP request

  1. Complete an ATIPP request form.
  2. Submit your completed form to the ATIPP office.

    In person (by appointment only):
    2071 2nd Avenue, lower floor of the Main Administration Building in Whitehorse, Yukon.


    Government of Yukon
    ATIPP Office (W-10)
    Box 2703
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Y1A 2C6