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Updated February 27, 2020

Company Name Number Classification
40 Mile Electric 2520-30-086 Class B
41134 Yukon Inc. 2520-30-090 Class A
535878 Yukon Inc. 2520-30-134 Class B
Ace Electrical Systems Inc. 2520-30-022 Class B
Action Electric 2520-30-037 Class B
Adam Stillar 2520-30-218 Class B
Allan MacDonald 2520-30-010 Class B
All-Phase Electric 2520-30-057 Class B
All-Tech Electrical Solutions 2520-30-115 Class C
Arcrite Northern Ltd. 2520-30-170 Class A
Arndt Just Electrical 2520-30-209 Class B
Badry Electric 2520-30-220 Class B
BCD Electric 2520-30-112 Class B
Ben's Electric 2520-30-007 Class A & B
Bowman Electrical Services 2520-30-044 Class B
Buck Brush Contracting and Expediting 2520-30-212 Class B
BV Electric Ltd.  2520-30-191 Class A
Canadian Industrial Power Ltd. 2520-30-030 Class A
CanDoo Electric 2520-30-151 Class B
Certified Electric 2520-30-023 Class B
Cmac's Electric 2520-30-173 Class B
Crain Ventures Electrical (43565 Yukon Inc. dba) 2520-30-029 Class B
CS Electrical Systems 2520-30-204 Class C
Cygnus Technical Services 2520-30-175 DG
Deano's Electric 2520-30-071 Class B
Delta Electric 2520-30-117 Class C
DMC Electrical 2520-30-067 Class B
Don't Panic Electric Construction 2520-30-096 Class B
Eagle Eye Electric 2520-30-050 Class B
Edward Chaplin 2520-30-100 Class A
Epic North General Contracting  2520-30-110 Class C
Evergreen Homes 2520-30-075 Class B
Fair Trade Electric 2520-30-150 Class C
Falcon Electric 2520-30-040 Class B
Fontaine Electrical  2520-30-079 Class B
Gerald's Electric 2520-30-028 Class B
Grasholm Electrical  2520-30-202 Class C
Grizzly Electric 2520-30-129 Class B
Harms Electric 2520-30-142 Class C
Howyadoin Electric  2520-30-216 Class B
Hoyt Electric 2520-30-098 Class B
Hungry Mountain Power 2520-30-187 Class B
Hyland Electric 2520-30-021 Class B
Industrial Electric Services Ltd. 2520-30-152 Class B
International Electric 2520-30-099 Class C
J Howard Electric 2520-30-229 Class B
Jaytech Electric 2520-30-055 Class B
Jentech 2520-30-113 Class B
Junction Contracting 2520-30-033 Class B
Kevin's Electric 2520-30-101 Class C
KGJ Electric 2520-30-133 Class B
L&T Holdings 2520-30-004 Class A
Lakewood Electric Ltd. 2520-30-207 Class A
Live Wire Electrical  2520-30-043 Class B
Mack 'n' Mack Electric 2520-30-039 Class B
McInroy Electrical Contracting 2520-30-068 Class B
Mike Simon 2520-30-074 Class B
Moffat Electrical Contracting 2520-30-210 Class B
Mueller Electric Ltd. 2520-30-178 Class A
Mylner Electric 2520-30-148 Class C
Nancy's Electric 2520-30-053 Class B
NF Electrical Event Production 2520-30-162 Class C
Northwest Electric 2520-30-059 Class B
Philco Electrical 2520-30-185 Class B
PK Electrical Construction Ltd. 2520-30-149 Class A
Puneet Toor 2520-30-227 Class B & C
Reliable Electrical Communication 2520-30-064 Class B
Robinson General Contracting 2520-30-003 Class B
Sam's Electric 2520-30-038 Class B
Sima Electric 2520-30-058 Class B
Solvest Inc. 2520-30-177 Class B
Son Of Mendel 2520-30-214 Class 
Special Eye Security 2520-30-123 DA
Spirit Lake Electric 2520-30-085 Class B
SPK Home Construction Ltd. 2520-30-160 Class C
Status Electrical Corporation 2520-30-091 Class A
Steadfast Electrical Ltd. 2520-30-176 Class B
Stephen Ball 2520-30-008 Class B
Summit Electric 2520-30-013 Class B
The Electrical Shop 2520-30-052 Class B
Thomas Electric 2520-30-014 Class A
Tlingit Electric 2520-30-024 Class B
Total Fire Protection 2520-30-060 Class B
Total North Communications 2520-30-156 DB
Totally Wired Electrical Services 2520-30-063 Class B
True North Electric 2520-30-127 Class B
Vaughn Hiltz 2520-30-111 Class B
Whitehorse Electric 2520-30-012 Class B
Wintemute Electric 2520-30-025 Class B
Wynker Electric 2520-30-120 Class B
Yukon Government 2520-30-132 Class B