Book a tobacco, vape or pot-use prevention talk

  • Tobacco-use prevention
  • Education about vaping
  • Talking about pot

  1. Tobacco-use prevention

    We offer tobacco-use prevention presentations and teaching resources. The classroom or group presentations are facilitated by a Health Promotion coordinator. This includes access to tobacco-use prevention tools and resources. 

    For more information on the resource, presentations or grant funding, email [email protected].

  2. Education about vaping

    Vaping, sometimes referred to as using e-cigarettes, is on the rise among Canadian youth. Given that this is a fairly new and controversial health behaviour there are many questions that remain with respect to its long-term health affects. Regulations concerning who can vape and where they can vape are shifting.

    We’ve got a presentation that focuses on vaping, such as the:

    • health risks;
    • marketing and media behind it; and
    • decision-making tools that students can apply in real life.

  3. Talking about pot

    Since the legalization of cannabis in fall 2018, there's been a demand for education and information geared towards youth. The Health Promotion Unit and Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services developed a presentation with:

    • facts;
    • statistics;
    • health impact;
    • decision-making tools; and
    • lower-risk guidelines.


To request any of these presentations, email [email protected].