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The Health Information Privacy and Management Act (HIPMA) governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information. All Yukon health care providers (referred to as custodians under the Act) must follow the Act.

What does the Act do?

HIPMA establishes rules to ensure the privacy and security of personal health information.

The Act gives people the right to access their own health information held by custodians. It also ensures that people have control over their information.

About the HIPMA toolkit

The toolkit helps custodians meet their obligations under the Act.


The documents provided in this toolkit are provided as helpful tools only. They do not constitute legal advice nor official legal interpretation of HIPMA binding on government. If you need advice on a particular fact situation or legal issue, you should consult a lawyer.

HIPMA custodian toolkit

Overview information for custodians

HIPMA and the custodian toolkit

Readiness materials for custodians

Sample HIPMA online training course

Contact us to get a PowerPoint presentation of a sample health information privacy and confidentiality training.

HIPMA materials to post for the public

Sample policies

Sample forms


Yukon Health Information Network (YHIN) Ministerial Orders




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